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Presenting “Boats Boards The Ship”…

So there it is—two months worth of shitty filming and editing….

I know a lot of people are probably frustrated with the amount of “marketing” I’ve done for this over the past week or so, for which I apologize. Social media was initially constructed to serve as a platform for radical, misinformed political opinions and, as someone who recklessly interfered with that notion, I’m dearly sorry.

That said, the reason I did so is simple: I spent a lot of fucking time on this shit. Over the last two months, it’s been film, then edit. Rinse and repeat…

Is it any good? I have no idea. That’s not for me to decide. I’m simply a painted jester relying on the worn wires of a dying circus industry to subsist. Just kidding, but I make a couple dick jokes in that video so it’s worth the running time…

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)


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