McDaniels Confirms He is Staying in New England


The last few days there’s been a lot of talk about NFL coaching hires and who’s interviewing where and, as he is every year, McDaniels was in the mix. After the Packers hired Matt LaFleur as their new head coach, the indications were that McDaniels would remain with the Pats. Wednesday he confirmed those notions.

McDaniels’ market wasn’t nearly high as last year which makes sense. You can’t expect to accept a head coaching job, hire a new staff, then turn around and return to the job you already had without having it effect you in future. It would’ve been more respectful to have walked into the Colts offices and shit on the contract than to do it the way he did. That doesn’t seem to bother McDaniels.

Whether you like him or hate him, McDaniels is now a lifer. I’m sure he can get a job elsewhere down the road, but he won’t. He’s gone to some lengths in the last few years to remain a Patriot. He stained his reputation for the opportunity to remain under Belichick’s right wing. If you’re that ride or die with my team, then I’m riding with you.

It’s hard to imagine McDaniels is not Bill’s successor at this point. Who knows when Bill will hand over the keys to the Ferrari, but we know who’s inheriting it. That can be a massive advantage when the transition eventually takes place. McDaniels will always be able to have a hand in making sure the drop off isn’t too drastic from Belichick to himself.

Those thinking Brady and Bill leaving someday will be the end of the Patriots should be pissing down their leg. Losing those legends will be a blow to the gut, but it will not be a knockout punch, McDaniels will make sure of that.

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