If You Can’t Have Sex At Least 3x Per Night You Don’t Have A Chance With Nicki Minaj, Sorry

Nicki Minaj has never been shy about being into sex. Anaconda, Good Form, Rich Sex, Truffle Butter, Side to Side…the discography of Nicki Minaj has a long documented history of her having sex, and good for her. Sex is cool I guess.

On one of her latest songs, Barbie Dreams, one of the very first lyrics reads “if he can’t fuck three times a night PEACE” and it appears she wasn’t kidding.

Nicki has been in the headlines lately because she has a new boyfriend with an alleged past that includes rape and murder charges. For some reason people are up in arms about this even though 90% of rappers have very similar background. Legit her last boyfriend was Meek Mill. Nicki doesn’t care about jail time, she just needs a huge dick that works. I can’t blame her for that.

Nicki’s right…6 times per night is torture. That level of activity is just not feasible, especially for a guy. For us normal people, 3-4 times a night even seems a little aggressive. I eat dinner pretty late at night because I go to the gym after work so I always go to bed with some pretty intense heartburn. If I had to mix in heavy cardio 4 times in a 4 hour period I’d be vomit city. Plus having to wait like 30 mins in between sessions? Guys love playing that card. “I’M NOT A ROBOT! GIVE ME A MINUTE!” But I bet Nicki Minaj sex is like creative research. She constantly needs new lyrics and ideas for songs and what better way than banging her ex-convict boyfriend 3-4 times a night. This makes me VERY excited for the next Nicki Minaj album. Even though I loved the slow jams on The Pinkprint after the Safaree breakup, Nicki is at her best when she’s talking big dicks and her huge ass. You go girl. Give us more dick wreckin’ music.



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