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NFL Playoff Team Fanbase Reactions after Wildcard Weekend… Explained by Will Ferrell.

What a crazy Wildcard Weekend it was. Seeing the Colts, Cowboys, Chargers and Eagles moving on. Sending the Texans, Seahawks, Ravens and Bears home.

Here is exactly how each fanbase is feeling after this weekend.

Colts. Beat Texans. Play Chiefs.

After crushing the Texans:

Getting ready to play the high flying Chiefs on the road..

Texans. Lost to the Colts. Eliminated.

Their performance was worse than the Monday Night Football crew’s broadcast..

Cowboys. Beat the Seahawks. Play the Rams.

First playoff win in 5 years…

Heading out to LA for a prime time Sat night game..

Seahawks. Lost to the Cowboys. Eliminated.

Without the 12th man..

Pete Carroll not throwing the ball…

Chargers. Beat the Ravens. Play the Patriots.

After everyone said West Coast teams can’t win early east coast games..

Heading back to the east coast to take on the GOAT..

Ravens. Lost to the Chargers. Eliminated.

When they had almost 0 yards and 3 points all game..

But then came all the way back…

…Only to fumble and lose

Eagles. Beat the Bears. Play the Saints.

Winning another game no one said they would..

When Parkey missed the kick..

Big Dick Nick walking around Chi-Town..

Having to go to New Orleans..

Bears. Lost to the Eagles. Eliminated.

Not much to say but..

Hey Parkey..

Trying to go to sleep all week..

Check back next week for all the fanbase reaction after the Divisional Round!



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