Eating with Two Spoons!

The Dallas Cowboys have won their first playoff game in 5 years. They are playing in the Divisional Round for the 3rd time in 5 years. The Cowboys have not won back to back playoff games since 1995…

That being said. The Cowboys will travel to LA to take on the #2 seed Rams on Saturday night for the right to play in the NFC Championship Game.

I will get into that game later in the week. However I will say, I don’t think this will be an easy game for the Cowboys what so every. But… I am much happier they are playing in LA rather than NO this coming weekend.

The Cowboys put on a show on Saturday evening in Jerry World. The defense was flying around from the first snap of the game. The Dallas D didn’t allow a first down on the first three possessions for Russ and the Seahawks.

In the first meeting this season the Seahawks ran for 118 yards. However it took them 39 carries to to do it, but they stayed patient and it helped them win the game. You could tell they had the same game plan Saturday night… But it didn’t work.

Many are saying the Hawks should have thrown the ball more. They took a few deep shots to Lockett and Baldwin and hit on them. The run wasn’t working, so why not let Russ sling it more? I asked myself the same question, but I think the answer was Pete Carroll was scared of the Hot Boyz.

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He knew Russ was one of the most sacked QB’s in the league and didn’t want the Dallas pass rush teeing off on him all night. They stuck with the run in week 3 and it worked. But on Saturday night the defense held the league’s #1 rushing attack to 73 yards.

In the second half the defense was a bit more bend don’t break. Giving up a rushing TD to Wilson and another TD and 2PT conversion in the final minutes of the game to pull it with 2, but it wasn’t enough.

The defense kept getting stop after stop when the team needed it. Especially after Dak’s redzone interception that could have cost the team the game and the season. If you can’t tell, I was very high on the defense winning the game on Saturday.

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I give my top 3 performances on the defense Jaylon Smith, Malik Collins and Demarcus Lawrence.

Prayers go out to #17 Allen Hurns after his awful looking injury on a first down catch. Apparently he will be ready for next season, after it looked like he could be done for good. Credit to the Cowboys for playing focused after the injury and getting the job done.

The offense was moving the ball but like all season they kept stalling in the redzone. However right before half, after a horrible pass over Gallup (as always.) Dak threw his best pass of the season, a dime to Gallup on the corner of the end-zone for their first touchdown of the game.

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That score could only happen thanks to an unbelievable 40 yard run by Zeke to set up the aggressiveness on the drive. Zeke ate, and ate well in this game. “In the playoffs we eat with two spoons” he said! Zeke capped off his first playoff win with 137 yards and a score on the ground, and another 32 yards on 4 catches.

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Amari Cooper continued to show he was worth the first round pick. There is 0 Chance the Cowboys are playing in the Divisional Round next weekend with out 19. He had 7 catches for 106 yards and continued to stretch the field and open up plays for Dak and the other receivers.

Dak… Oh Dak. I have killed you all season. I have questioned you all year. And I will continue to critique you. However there is something about his leadership. Something about his toughness. And something about how he plays like a man possessed in the 4th QTR.

Dak single handedly put Cowboys Nation on his back on his two long conversion runs in the 4th to set up scores. Especially on his 3rd and 14, 17 yard run. I also give props to the coaching staff for having the guts to call that play, and putting Zeke as his lead blocker.

Image – dallascowboys

So thank you Dak, you “Grown Ass Man” you. Please continue to do what you do in the 4th qtr. Find a way to win in LA on Saturday and continue to shut me up. I will gladly eat crow for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

I am extremely happy about everything that happened in the game. From the way the Cowboys crowd showed up. To the way the defense kept making their case to the way Zeke ate! Now let’s do it again in LA boys.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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