College Football National Championship

#2 Clemson vs #1 Alabama (-5.5)

Like you hear in basically every high school commencement speech, all good things must come to an end. No? How about; don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened. Any way, the 2018 football season will come to an end tonight against to familiar foes. Alabama and Clemson. That’s right, for the 3rd time in the last four years, Bama will be playing Clemson.

Sick of it? Too bad. These two programs have been dominating the College Football World. IF you’re sitting there complaining the same teams are always in it. Then my suggestion is have your team pull better recruits….or cheat.

There are a lot of arguments about expanding the playoffs to 6 teams (which I’m all in for). Adding two more teams can give others a shot at the crown, but when it comes down to it, Alabama and Clemson are the two best teams in the country. If Bama and Clemson didn’t play each other in the semi-final, they would have faced off in the finals.

I’m curious to see how freshman quarterback Trevor Lawerence does in the title game. In the semi final game he looked pretty calm for being a true freshman.

Also, kudos to him for taking this pop.


That was Notre Dame though, they were, as Lee Corso would put it, a cupcake (fight me Kmess). He’ll be going up against the big boys tonight. An Alabama defense that will be hounding him all night. And of course Tua, who is full send tonight again.

I’ll be pulling for Clemson (uncle went there), but I can’t deny the fact that Alabama is just a flat out dominate program. They can’t be stopped. I hope it’s a close and entertaining game. If Alabama blows out Clemson, I’ll be sick of everyone chanting SEC SEC! or debating, Can anyone compete with Alabama? Or cracking the same joke every year, Alabama is replacing the Browns in the NFL.

Alabama over Clemson

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