Ronnie From Jersey Shore Needs Serious Help And Also Justice 4 Sammi Sweetheart

Ronnie from Jersey Shore has been having a meltdown since 2011 and it’s time to admit maybe he was the problem in him and Sammie Sweetheart’s relationship all along.

I’ve caught clips from the new era of Jersey Shore, which seems to be just an excuse for these people to escape the responsibilities of taking care of their children (no judgement, I get it). While it’s not as entertaining since The Situation is chubby and awaiting jail time, Snooki only gets blackout once a week instead of twice a day and Vinny now knows he’s cool, the saving grace is Ronnie. His life is continually in shambles. Nothing will ever beat the big toe argument of 2010, but fighting with his new baby mama has kept the show alive.

While a lot of people assume reality TV drama is fake, because most of it is, whatever is going on with Ronnie and his baby mama Jen Harley is certainly very real. It seems like every day there is a story released about an alleged attack. As if the police in Vegas didn’t already have their hands full, they might as well just hire a police escort to handle all domestic disputes on site. I don’t have time to recap the entire history of Ron and Jen, but it’s a modern day Bobby and Whitney without the extraordinary talent and influence.

You might remember the Instagram live fight:

The Instagram story post and delete:


Or the time she allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car, gave him a black eye from hitting him with a phone, or when the cops had to be called days later for another violent fight about their daughter. All of which have almost immediately been followed up with a quick “nothing to see here, we’re totally fine” apology and reconciliation.


As recently as Christmas, it seemed as if Ronnie and Jen might be on to bigger and better things, like anger management and rehab, in 2019. But here we are, just 4 days in and everything is back to normal.

1215-ronnie-ortiz-christmas-card-launch-7I don’t know who’s idea it was to go out to a club together on New Years Eve but that’s usually where the worst of the worst couple fights happen. To date the only worse NYE fight was probably LC and Jason on The Hills in 2005. I’ll never forget the rush of adrenaline we all felt when Jason caught Lauren for their New Years kiss just in the nick of time, but Lauren was definitely always too good for Jason even though he was the hot bad boy with an alcohol problem.


In a much more dramatic twist of fate, Ronnie alleges that Jen threw an ash tray at his face at some point during the night, cutting his whole face up (not the moneymaker!!) so he filed a battery report against her. Again, it probably would be more financially responsible to just keep a police and legal presence at all times instead of paying to file all this paperwork separately. I hope Ronnie’s lawyer is on retainer.

THEN, when Jen got home she found her entire house was ransacked with furniture broken, glass shattered and holes punched in the wall. It was impossible to prove via video footage since there is clear visual evidence that Ronnie destroyed the security camera last month.


Ronnie has been named a ‘person of interest’ in both of these incidents, but I’m not sure there’s anyone that has an easier job on the planet than the police “investigating” these cases. I’m sure all charges will be dropped next week when these two get back together and announce they are having a second kid or something but in court could they just show clips of Ronnie throwing Sam’s mattress out the window and breaking her glasses? What about the come at me bro boardwalk fight? Is that all admissible in court?

I feel like Sammie got a really bad rap when she broke up with Ronnie, and the whole cast said they’d rather have Ron back than Sam. She didn’t come back to the Jersey Shore revival and everyone assumed she was just being petty and bougie. Turns out she has a new muscley boyfriend and was trying not to destroy her entire life again by being near her very violent meathead ex. Looks like she had a much more low key New Years than Ron.

I just really think it’s time we staphhhh’ed prosecuting Sammie Sweetheart and admit that Ron and the Ron Ron Juice was the problem all along. Justice 4 Sammi.



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