Was Kevin Durant Out Of Bounds On This Play Where He Is Literally Standing 5 Feet Out Of Bounds? Use Your Own Eyes To Decide.


Tough to really get a good angle of it here. Was is a catch? Was Kevin Durant actually out of bounds? Very toe-tappy so I can see how the refs had a hard time calling this one. It’s not like it was at a critical point in the game or anything either. The Warriors and Rockets were tied at 132 with 33.5 seconds left in OT.

It’s the NBA so no one can be really shocked but this might be the worst call in officiating history. We’ve got to do something about this. Someone has got to step in (no pun intended) and ask this ref where exactly he was looking during that play instead of the court. I did hear rumblings that Lil Wayne was sitting next to the broadcasters table so that would be a valid excuse, maybe a Backwoods got passed to the ref during a TV timeout, that’s the only logical explanation.

Luckily for Rockets fans the play didn’t end up mattering in the game, Houston won after James Harden hit a 3 with 2.7 seconds left. Much more humble than Michael Jordan or LeBron James, Harden wasn’t too bothered by the call.

“I shoot my step-backs with confidence and live with the results,” Harden said.

You know it’s really bad when the players themselves are calling attention to calls that went in their favor.

“I could believe it because the refs were missing a lot tonight. And they miss a lot in general, so you can easily fool them,” Durant said when asked if he was surprised he wasn’t called out of bounds during the post-game press conference.

Durant can probably expect a fine for these comments post-game, but honestly the ref should agree to pay it. When you miss a call that blatantly obvious, it should matter. But this is the NBA and you take the good with the bad. You want Gilbert Arenas locker room shenanigans and D’Angelo Russell snitching on Swaggy P? Rondo throwing left hooks at CP3 and Blake Griffin threatening fans? Well you’re going to have to deal with refs missing out of bounds calls when Kevin Durant is standing with the D list celebrities in row 12. It just comes with the territory. If I knew anything about gambling I would theorize it had something to do with some money the ref had on this game but I haven’t seen anyone tweet that so Chris Paul just might be onto something here.

No one tweets from their couch when they should be playing in these important games better than CP3. We doin the annual hamstring injury again this year Chris Paul? A little early for that but gotta set up the storyline for the playoffs I guess. Can’t have people relying on you like that to win games.



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