The Top 10 Domestic Beers List Is Out And I Have Some Things I Need To Say

Yesterday Darren Rovell, the guy everyone hates, tweeted out the top 10 domestic beers by dollar sales. I have a observations and things I need to say about this list.

  1. The holy trinity of domestic beers reigns victorious again. Bud, Coors and Miller light are the go to light beers. Bud Light leads by a mile and they will always be king. Have to be honest though, Coors blows. Can’t believe they haven’t been knocked out of the top 3 yet. Days are numbered.
  2. Michelob Ultra up 15.6% is not surprising to me one bit. It’s just as good as the top 3 and low calories. Fellas, when you’re down the shore slugging 20-25 beers a day you have to start concerning yourself with calories. Even if it’s only 5 less cals per beer, add that up over 20 beers and you basically get one beer calorie free.
  3. Natty being behind Budweiser and actually only half of what they pulled in is a crime that must be stopped. Natty Light is the best light beer out there. That is a hill I am willing to die on. It’s smooth as silk and as far as value purchase stand point, you can’t beat it. I will make it a personal mission to make sure Natty cracks $1 billion in sales for 2019.
  4. Keystone might have to close up shop after letting Busch heavy beat it out. Busch light, fine, there are plenty of poor college kids in southern towns. But Busch heavy?? I had no idea there were that many hillbillies left in this country. Also I’m not scared to call out hillbillies because we know they don’t have broadband internet access. If I thought for a second they would see this I would not have said that because HBs are the scarest humans on the planet. They don’t just kill people, they wear people. If you see someone drinking a Busch heavy and you’re south of the Mason-Dixon Line, hightail it north, you’re in danger.

These are thoughts I needed to put on internet paper. Have a good weekend

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