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The Greatest Twitter Thread Twitter Has Ever Seen Exposing Weirdos Cretins And Degenerates

Last night I was casually looking through twitter and came across a thread that left me in tears.  It took me roughly 10-12 minutes to get through but it was worth it.  These people in these videos are funny, gross, hilarious, disgusting, the worst of the worst and creepy.  I want to thank twitter user Sarahtonin @SarahElizCart

Is it mean for me to comment on this girl and make fun of her?  Because I feel like it would be to mean to say she is horrific, so I won’t say it.

You’re a grown man bro, a grown fucking man.


That be a gummy blow job.

Im impressed that she could work an app.

Dont fuck with this guy

You guys ever see the hills have eyes?

I really think this guy could be a child molester

Im horny.

Not gonna be mean to her

Did he fight in Vietnam?

Very toothy blow job

This was cute.

How many beers?

Don’t let my wife see this!

Please don’t let this guy fight for our freedoms

This was a little cute


Just fuck each other

Cowboys fans are weird

This was talent

Dip queens

If Nikki Bella took a shovel to the face

This fucking guy


More grown men



How does this man sleep at night?

Weirdly turned on

What an actress


Nick Ru View All

Let me wobble back to my corner, Joe Pa knew.

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