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If you are reading this blog right now you probably stumbled upon it by accident. Who in their right mind would choose to read something related to wrestling??  People don’t care about 2 dudes rolling around on a mat, sweating, and holding each other in awkward positions. They don’t want to hear about some of the toughest individuals in the world beating the living hell out of each other for 6 to 7 minutes (sometimes longer).  They could care less about the blood, sweat, and tears these wrestlers leave on that mat. This is the problem with people, they don’t take the time to look past the tight singlets and sweaty bodies to try and understand what is actually going on. They take one glance, make a decision about it being weird, and change the channel.  If they would take the time to learn some of the rules and watch a few matches they may begin to respect this sport a little more.

These guys (and gals) are some of the most athletic people in the world.  You only need to watch a few high level matches to see what I’m talking about…

It’s not mindless rolling around, it’s strategic counter attacks and moves that have been perfected over years and years of practice…

The athleticism these dudes have is unreal…

The straight man strength from the big boys…

The best part about the sport… there’s no shit talking from people after they lose.  I mean, can you really talk shit on someone who just beat you in an actual fight. What are you going to say to them, “I’ll beat your ass”?  Uhh, I’m pretty sure you just got crushed in hand to hand combat… there’s nothing after that. All you can do is take the loss like a man and move on amicably.

The point of all this, just give the damn sport a real chance.  Move past your insecurities as a masculine man, and watch two people beat the piss out of each other in a less punch-you-in-the-face-UFC-kind-of-way and a more strategically-calculated-kind-of-way.  The easiest way to begin to enjoy the sport is to take a quick second to learn how points are scored… to help you, I made a quick “Scoring in Wrestling for Dummies” below:

  • Drop someone on their ass or belly and keep control you get 2 points
  • If that person can get their ass up and away from you, they get 1 point for an escape.
  • Tilt them towards their back and hold… get 2-4 points depending on how long you can hold them there.
  • Pin them and win!

Simple… Now open your minds a little, take what you just learned, step out of your comfort zone, and go watch a college match for god sakes.

Oh… and it also helps that you have one of the greatest college sports dynasties of all time in your backyard with Penn State’s Wrestling Team.  See College Mike’s article to hear about their dominance in the sport the past decade.

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Hand Raised
January 10, 2019 12:50 pm

Hi Bobby, loved your no nonsense get with the program feature. Ive been writing a blog called “Hand Raised” for 2 years now and put it up this season on WordPress. Its found at morewrestlingplease@wordpress com. I would appreciate it if you would consider a title variation.
Ted Carreras

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