Soccer Player’s Wife Ruins The Perfect Fake Sick Day By Posting To The Gram From The Maldives

When Galatasaray defender Serdar Aziz told the club he was unable to be called up for the squad to play last Sunday’s game against Sivasspor, as he was suffering terrible stomach aches, the club was very understanding and hoped he’d get well soon.

Aziz was not at home in bed


We have certainly all been there. Wife wants to plan a baecation to the Maldives, but you’ve got to go to work at your job playing professional soccer. Could you plan the trip during the offseason? Or just not on a game day? Probably. But Serder Aziz couldn’t resist.

That’s not even where he goes wrong during this story. I don’t really think the Turkish soccer league is handing out million dollar guaranteed contracts so if you say your tummy hurts they’re just like ok no problem just sleep off the hangover and go get em next time.

You just have to tell your wife to chill with the Instagrams. I know it’s hard to stay away from, especially when it’s how you measure your own self worth, but this is how you get people fired. Post all the bikini selfies you want, but probably don’t post a picture of your husband who is actively lying to his team that he is sick, tag his page and make it public for everyone to see. It’s a Ferris Buellers Day Off Black Mirror episode.

The club had never been asked about the trip and it wasn’t authorized, meaning Aziz may now be forced out. Galatasaray have told the player not to come to training and are hoping they receive an offer in the winter transfer market so they can move him on.


This better be a big lesson for LeBron. He’s been a little on edge lately, drinking wine before games while he’s out with a ‘groin injury’. He better not be faking this injury for a holiday season drinking binge but IF HE WAS…well, it would be his own account he’d accidentally post the pics from. But still. It’s not hard to imagine him posting a 22 dash story with a bottle of cabernet twerking to a new Drake song.

So was the trip to the Maldives worth it? Probably, I’ve always really wanted to go to the Maldives, especially with my hot athlete husband. Maybe she wanted to go to a different city and force a trade so she posted those pictures on purpose. If that’s the case this woman is a genius and I like her style.



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