Matt Nagy is The Bears Secret Weapon Against Nick Foles


Oh, what a week at has been here at Branded Sports.

While I merely wrote about bringing on the Eagles in a post earlier this week, Ru and CEO Joe have been at it. Ru wrote a letter where he clearly plagiarized from Kurt Russell’s character of Herb Brooks in the movie “Miracle” and CEO Joe told me to suck it on his post. Typical Philly fans, I guess.

Welp, I’m just here to point out that the Bears have a secret weapon against the Nick Foles “magic” we’ve all seen the past 3 weeks…head coach Matt “Swaggy” Nagy.

Huh? The Swagmaster is the secret weapon? What do you mean, Eric? He’s on offense and Nick Foles plays QB – how could he be a weapon?

Enter this insightful story from the Chicago Tribune’s Brad “Biggsy” Biggs – one of my favorite writers who does actual journalism.

Biggsy described the impact Nagy had on Foles when went to the Chiefs as a backup during the 2016 season. He let Foles borrow his car during camp, hang out with his family and was just a good dude to him. But how big of an impact did Nagy have, you ask?

Chicago Tribune: “I can still remember the day that Nick and I were in my car together when I picked him up from the airport. He came over to my house and was seeing my kids. And he was just living life a little bit — the things away from football. And we got him back up loving the game. And you see what he’s done last year and where he’s at now. So I have tons of respect for him.”


Hear that, Eagles fans? If it wasn’t for Matt Nagy, Foles magic wouldn’t be a thing. And now…Nagy is gonna take it away.

You think Nagy doesn’t know every little, deep dark secret about Foles after riding around with him in his own car throughout the 2016 Chiefs training camp? You think Nagy doesn’t know every little thing about Foles’ game as a signal caller? You think Nagy doesn’t know about every piece of dirt on the so-called “Big Dick Nick?”

The answer is YESSSSS.

I commend Nagy for bringing Foles back – the Eagles winning the Super Bowl last year was really fun cute story.

But don’t think for a SECOND that Nagy won’t stop at anything to get a ring – not even sabotaging his friendship with ol’ pal Nick Foles. I’m sure he’s spending more time with Papa Vic Fangio and the defense this week than he ever has just dropping hints, secrets, dirt and trash talk material to use against Mr. I-Like-To-Cry-At-Press-Conferences. Put your money on Akiem Hicks, Danny Trevathan and Leonard Floyd to talk the most shit to Foles this week. Fangio is gonna scheme the hell outta this game to the point where the Eagles will need to either put Wentz back out there on a Segway or throw Nate Sudfeld to the dogs.

Foles wrote a book called “Believe It” after he lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl. His next book is going to be titled “Matt Nagy Ruined My Life” after this Sunday.

Oh, and Alshon Jeffery? Nobody has time for bullshit comments about the greatest city in the world.

Bears by a billion.

And buy a shirt.

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