Is “CEO” Joe Sexist Against Me For Being Funnier Than Him?

This has been on my mind for quite some time now and I can not hold it in any longer.  As a white man in his late 20s who has never had anything really go against him, I have always been looked down on.  I don’t know if it’s my incredible good looks, my fantastic beard my star stunning charisma or my ability to be humble in every situation but people seem to find themselves jealous of everything I do.

When I joined Branded I didn’t get that feeling.  I thought it was an all for one and a one for all kind of situation and we’d all be in this together.  Sure I would be the funniest but never mention it because I’m to humble for that.  Sure I’d get a ton of clicks but be too humble to mention that and I would try to help others and be a leader and a guiding light that Branded Sports needed.  Unfortunately this story takes a dark turn.  A turn into sexism against me as well as fraud.

It all started not to long ago.  CEO Joe decided he would start a little “power rankings” of the bloggers to get people heated and angry with each other.  I figured, I don’t really care I’m not going to feed the beast, he will probably try to put me down because he’s jealous and I am to humble to admit it.  I wasn’t wrong, he was jealous look at what this jealous chief executive officer did.

In the first ever power rankings he had a top five that I thought was deserving of the top five.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.17.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.19.28 AM.png

Now let’s take a look at this.  First he says “It’s no secret Dubs is my favorite blogger at Branded Sports.” Let’s just play favorites?  Is that what this company does?  You succeed based on who likes you the most?  How will I ever succeed here when nobody will like me for being to humble to talk about my good looks, amazing humor and star like charisma.  Alas, I can accept that, fine you work off who you like more, fine, however does anybody notice anything funny about this list.  One person is mentioned in four out of the five blurbs.

  1. Obviously I am mentioned in my own blurb
  2. Kevin’s blurb “The only reason he isn’t 2 is because of Ru’s State of The Union blog.”
  3. Ali’s blurb “If you ask some of our readers they will tell you Ru can’t read at all but Ali reads and writes real good.”
  4. Meg’s blurb “Also she came out of the clouds yesterday to defend Branded’s honor from those same trolls saying Ru is brain-damaged (he might be)”

I find that interesting.  Joe can’t find anything else to say unless he brings me up, it’s almost as if he need’s me?  I dare say being mentioned that much and not being number one is a crime against myself and in its own very sexist towards me.  I wish the sexism stopped there, but it does not.  It only get’s worse.

There would be another power rankings.  This time I wouldn’t be mentioned in each blurb.  I only assume because I called Joe out on that and he knew the jig was up.  He would not make the same mistake twice, nobody will accuse him of being dumb.  Let’s take a look at what he said for the top two on the next week’s power rankings.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.28.26 AM

He didn’t give me number one for having a baby?  He hates me for creating life?  What is this atrocity!  I can’t help being a stickman and an all time stickman at that.  I guess Joe is mad I had my kid second so my kid was more new and therefore stole shine from his child.  I would never act that way if someone stole my shine, unless they stole my shine on purpose to keep me down.  That would never happen… BUT IT DID!

Let’s take a trip a few weeks back to CEO Joe’s 40th birthday.  The Branded team decided to make a video celebrating his birth, I didn’t really care.  It’s just a birthday my birthday is in May I have one every year, don’t see me bragging about it.  The Branded team get’s excited and decides I should be at the end of the video, it be funny and we’d all get a good laugh.

If you watch the video.  I am not at the end, Harry Mayes is at the end.  Why is Harry Mayes at the end?  Because he has more followers than me?  Because he’s more popular than me?  I don’t know but this is bullshit.  Anyway I know what you’re thinking.  This was a surprise for Joe.  He had nothing to do with Harry cucking you.  Well, I bet he did.  I bet Joe was behind this video all along and not for the happy birthday.  He was behind it to get me cucked.  Just another chance to bring me down, make me fall, make me tremble, bitch my knees are locked in.

I again wish that was the end, maybe you could say I am paranoid, maybe you could say I’m off my rocker, I’m not I am of sound and lucid thinking.  The last few days, it has happened again.  I have been had sexism against me at Branded Sports.  Joe decided to put out a top 10 blogs of 2018 from the Branded bloggers.  All of the bloggers would submit favorite blogs that others did and he would rank them.  I knew I would be number one, I know how great I am and how I never bring it up.  Then the blog came out.

The top ten blogs of 2018 how exciting.  Which blog of mine would be number one?

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.41.58 AM.png

I’M NUMBER 2?! AGAIN!?! Surely this is a mistake?  There is no way I would again be number two.  Nothing against Ali of course, she is a woman and all woman are mother nature.  This is not about her though, this is about me being persecuted for being great.  What proof could I have this time though?  What could I do to show this is fake and I truly was number one?  I truly am being persecuted against.  Well that sneaky snake Joe would put his own foot in his own mouth in his own take down of a racist sexist blog that nobody knows, and I caught him.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.47.25 AM.png

This is an excerpt from Joe’s blog against racist pig blogs out there does anybody notice what it says here?  “Like GIVING them the number one spot on your top 10 ranked blogs” Giving? Giving?! GIVING!? GIVING!? What the hell is going on?  Did he not think I’d see this and dissect it like a frog in science class?  Never leave your own trail of breadcrumbs around me!  I will find them and lead them back to you and arrest you!  I am a psycho after all!  He admits he gave her the number one spot when I earned it, it’s right there in black and white.  Ru is number one but being kept down for being a humble attractive man.

Ladies and gentleman of the Branded Sports fan base  I don’t ask for your sympathy.  I just ask you to do what’s right.  Be mean to CEO Joe online.

Thank you

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January 3, 2019 12:50 pm

I can’t believe my papa gets treated this poorly! This is flipping disgusting!