EPISODE 7 Meat Showers

Welcome back to the CGS Blog. Last episode was heavy. We covered the horrors of the unknown and how it can lead to wild speculation. We talked about silent struggles and the darkest side of mental illness. This episode couldn’t be more different and yet it still maintains some elements of fear and the unknown.

In the book of Exodus in the bible, there were 10 plagues. One of those plagues was a rain of blood. Another was frogs. This episodes covers both those things but don’t panic because neither one was particularly as serious as God’s lobbying firm dropping all manner of nightmares on an ancient people. Instead, we talk about the occurrences of strange rains around the world and what might have caused them. (Spoiler alert: WATER SPOUTS!)

What struck me as so fascinating about this phenomenon, is that we are such an advanced society. We have answers for everything. A man made object is currently 4 billion miles from Earth as we speak, beaming back images of an icy bowling pin spinning in the vacuum of space. We can watch and track the progress of major storm systems. I can pick up a wireless block of plastic and glass and talk people thousands of miles away in an instant. Still, nature finds a way to confound us. We may know that a storm is coming but we can never be 100% sure that a shower of African frogs won’t accompany it. 

Strange rains are just a part of this story. The larger theme here, is that there will always be the unknown. We can try to explain our surroundings but sometimes, we just have to expect that some things are unknowable and that makes life infinitely more exciting. The only thing I would suggest is to buy a really sturdy umbrella.  Happy New Year and enjoy the show.




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