Danny Ainge Calls Out LeBron Reaffirming His Status as the Best Front Office Man in Sports

Danny Ainge has never been afraid to talk that shit. Not on the court, not in interviews and I imagine definitely not in person. He can’t stop talking that shit then backing it up by fleecing ever front office he can. There may not really be a correlation there, but it my head there is.

He’s never held back on how he feels about LeBron. Nothing personal, he’s just the competition and Ainge wants to destroy whoever’s in his way. But this time Ainge was swinging for the fences with a LeBron/Trump comparison.

I feel like this quote is a bit tame, but if you throw Trump’s name in there it makes it 10 times more toxic a quote. Add in the fact that LeBron openly can’t stand Trump and you have a recipe for a great burn.

If you missed LeBron’s most recent example of how he’s the absolute worst here’s the clip.


LeBron talking about LeBron is nothing new. No man has ever loved talking about himself like LeBron. Marilyn Manson removed a rib to suck his own dick and I still think he’s less self-absorbed than LeBron.

What I think is funny about the whole thing is he decided the moment he became the GOAT was Kyrie Irving’s step back three in the clutch. He became the GOAT when he let his teammate win him a championship? What a joke.

Not only is Ainge on my side on this one, but Chauncey Billups agrees as well.

Me, Chauncey Billups and Danny Ainge vs. LeBron. I like our chances.

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