Branded’s Best War Movies of All-Time

So last night I was doing some work and had Black Hawk Down on in the background. I asked my wife if she had ever seen it.. She said no. I then asked if she knew what movie it was.. She again said no. I was kind of shocked.

So naturally I asked the Branded Team if it was a must that she watch it. Some said yes, others said it’s not a must female watch movie. But is it a must American watch movie…

So this long debate and convo had me thinking. What are my top 10 War Movies of All-Time…

A couple of movies that just missed the Top 10 for me.. Full Metal Jacket, Enemy at the Gates, Inglorious Bastards, Deer Hunter and Fury.

10. Memphis Belle

Many of you may have not seen this movie. But trust me it’s worth it. A great story and a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time!

9. The Patriot

Aim Small.. Miss Small!” This was one of the first movies I ever owned on DVD. The acting is great, the story is awesome and the music is amazing! A must see for any American!

8. Platoon

TAKE THE PAIN!!” I love this movie and want it to be higher on the list but there are just too many other good movies. The cast of Platoon is just insane too. Who forgot Johnny Depp is in it!?

7. Hacksaw Ridge

Some people have this in their top 3 all time but I just don’t think it’s there. It’s a great movie with an incredible story and is 100% top 10, but just not Top 3. Maybe I am old school and it hasn’t been out long enough, I don’t know. But if you haven’t.. Watch it!

6. The Hurt Locker

Absolutely deserved Best Picture! A hell of a story and unbelievable acting. I want this to be higher on the list because it’s that good but I just can’t move it.

5. American Sniper

Ok… Could easily be top 3. But hear me out. Ru made a good point that this movie is almost more of a “biography” movie on Chris Kyle (and I love Chris Kyle) than a war movie. And I kind of agree. Only reason it’s not higher. But I could watch this movie every single day.

4. Black Hawk Down

Could easily interchange this with my #3 it’s that good. The true storyline is unbelievable, the violence and acting are just spot on. The passion in this movie makes my palms sweat every time and I have probably seen it 100 times.

3. We Were Soldiers

I’m very comfortable saying this is Mel Gibson’s best movie. I LOVE Braveheart but there is just something about him in this movie. I cry every time I see the wives bringing the letters to the homes. If this movie doesn’t hit every emotion if your body, go to the doctor there is something wrong with you..

2. Lone Survivor

First time I watched this it was just my older brother and I. And we cried like babies. I was lucky enough to see Marcus Lutrell speak in Philly last year and he made sure to let us know he wouldn’t let that movie out if it was true, and that makes it even better. The story is just unbelievable.
“Anything in life worth doing is worth over doing.”

1. Saving Private Ryan

I mean can there even be a different number one? The answer is no. If you haven’t seen it we can’t be friends. You become so attached to each character in the movie like no other movie you will ever watch. I will give it no justice by writing about it, just go watch it if you haven’t. And if you have… Go watch it again!

…Now let’s see everyone at Branded’s Top 10?

Jesse: (@Jay_Roget)

1. Saving private ryan

2. Lone survivor

3. Inglorious basterds

4. The hurt locker

5. Hacksaw ridge

6. American sniper

7. Blackhawk down

8. Patton

9. Fury

10. The patriot

RU: (@BrandedRu)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. We were soldiers

3. Lone survivor

4. Hacksaw Ridge

5. Born on the 4th of July

6. Black hawk down

7. Full metal jacket

8. The Patriot

9. Fury

10. American Sniper

“8 Ball” Mike: (@uris_22)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. We Were Soldiers

3. Full Metal Jacket

4. Patton

5. Lone Survivor

6. The Patriot

7. Platoon

8. Black Hawk Down

9. Midway

10. American Sniper

Chi-Town Eric (@ekurbyun)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. Lone Survivor

3. Patton

4. We Were Soldiers

5. Fury

6. The Hurt Locker

7. Black Hawk Down

8. The Patriot

9. The Green Zone

10. Flags of Our Fathers

Ali: (@aliweitz)

“I’m not a war chick”

Murt: (@Moomer723)

1. Hacksaw ridge

2. Lone survivor

3. Saving private Ryan

4. American Sniper

5. Zero Dark Thirty

6. Beasts of No Nation

7. We were soldiers

8. Black hawk down

9. Pearl Harbor

10. Memphis Belle

Edgar: (@eadiaz57)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. We Were Soldiers

3. Black Hawk Down

4. Inglorious Bastards

5. Hacksaw Ridge

6. Full Metal Jacket

7. Lone Survivor

8. The Patriot

9. American Sniper

10. Fury

Matt: (@Swarley1386)

“Does Star Wars count” No Matt.

Messy Marv: (@MessyMarv31)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. Schindler’s List

3. Hurt Locker

4. Braveheart

5. Full Metal Jacket

6. Black Hawk Down

7. Fury

8. American Sniper

9. Whitehouse Down

10. Olympus Has Fallen

Dubs: (@BrandedNickDubs)

1. Saving Private Ryan

2. The hurt Locker

3. Black Hawk Down

4. American Sniper

5. Three Kings

6. Platoon

7. Hacksaw Ridge

8. Inglorious Bastards

9. The Patriot

10. Patton

And finally…

Vinny: (@VacayVinny)

1. Saving Private Ryan

1a. Pearl Harbor

2. The hurt Locker

3. Black Hawk Down

4. American Sniper

5. Braveheart

6. Platoon

7. Hacksaw Ridge

8. Inglorious Bastards

9. The Patriot

10. Full metal jacket

CEO JOE: (@JPopo07)

1: Saving Private Ryan

2: Full Metal Jacket

3: The hurt locker

4: lone survivor

5: Black hawk down

6: Platoon

7: We were soldiers

8: 300 (yes it’s a war movie)

9: The Patriot

10: Deer Hunter

Besides a few for the most part we all have the same movies. (Except Messy Marv kinda went off the reservation a bit.) Joe I will allow 300 as a war movie. However Vinny, and anyone else that puts Pearl Harbor in a top war movies list will get a good old fashion…


-Kmess “That Guy”

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