Antonio Brown Was The First Celebrity On The Masked Singer, Because Obviously

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the dumpster on fire meme come to life. You know, this one.

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Mike Tomlin, the well known “players coach” has no control over his team and about to lose the 2nd all-star this year because of complete incompetence and lack of leadership. Big Ben has no backbone and the Steelers have not been profusely asked for the past 7 seasons is Big Ben’s window is closing so it appears they haven’t thought once about it. They will never win another Super Bowl with those 2 in charge, and that’s got to be a tough pill for those Steelers fans to swallow. Luckily, they will always have “The Pick”.

2019 has already been a crazy year for Antonio Brown. Allegedly, AB got so frustrated with the Steelers that he screamed that he wanted a trade so the team covered it up by designating him with an injury so he would miss the last game of the season, coincidentally also the last day of the Steelers season as they were eliminated from the playoffs.

Ex-Steeler Ryan Clark went on a rampage, basically saying he predicted that giving Antonio Brown millions of dollars would backfire. No offense but…duh. Antonio fired back and called Clark “Uncle Tom” on Instagram.

Mike Tomlin did a press conference about it and when asked if Antonio quit on on the Steelers, he said:

“You can call it what you want.”

Jarvis Landry has spent the day pleading for AB and Le’Veon Bell to come to Cleveland, and in the NBA this is a $500K fine.

This was all before we finished pretending to work on our first day back after the holidays. It felt like another episode of Bandersnatch. ‘Do you want to post a petty Instagram now OR run from all your problems?’ ‘murder Mike Tomlin with his stupid aviator sunglasses or sneak into Big Ben’s house and put Crisco on all of his floors?’

So who else would we expect to see when we finally make it back to the couch for some mindless entertainment on the first episode of the show The Masked Singer? Singing My Prerogative nonetheless.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have become America’s greatest reality show (sorry Jersey Shore Family Vacation–it just didn’t do it for me), and I for one can’t wait for the next episode.



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