Ryan Pace’s Shoes: What I Would Do with Vic Fangio


I’m starting a new blog post here in Chicago for Branded Sports…

Introducing: Ryan Pace’s Shoes

This blog will serve as a place where I will share what I would I do if I were Ryan Pace, general manager of the Chicago Bears.

I know nothing about being a GM in the NFL, but it has always been my dream job. As much as I dick around on here with my writing sometimes, I actually want to bring a little more critical thinking to these posts in particular. I’ll never be an NFL GM, but I can play make believe on Branded Sports. Oh how I love the internet.

Without a further a do, here’s what’s up first for Ryan Pace already.


Not gonna lie, I’d be sweating bullets if I was in Ryan Pace’s shoes right now. Not only is my team in the playoffs for the first time in 8 seasons (all thanks to the moves I made, humble brag), but now everyone and their mother wants to interview my defensive evil genius for their head coach opening. Denver and Miami have already made their requests…

I wouldn’t doubt if all six other teams with head coach vacancies request to interview Papa Vic. It makes complete sense – the man has turned the Bears defense into an absolute brick house over the past 4 seasons – taking them from an abysmal 30th ranked unit in 2014 under Mel Tucker to 14th in 2015, 15th in 2016, 10th in 2017 and now 3rd in the NFL (in terms of total yards allowed per game).

Factor in the fact that the Bears defense was 1st in points-per-game allowed (17.7 ppg), 1st in rushing yards allowed per game (80 yds), 7th in passing yards per game (219 yds), 3rd in total takeaways (36), 1st in interceptions (27) and 3rd in sacks (50) – the argument can be made that the Bears have the best D in the league.

Something to point out in all those numbers above: Fangio built legit NFL defenses from 2015-2017 with young draft picks and veteran free agent rentals. Ryan Pace added Khalil Mack to defensive melting pot this season and look what happened – single digit ranks all across the board.

Here’s what I’d do if I were in Ryan Pace’s Shoes: Promote Vic Fangio to “Assistant Head Coach” and give him a raise

For the life of me, I couldn’t find Vic Fangio’s salary on the wide depths of the internet, but I sure as hell know the Bears could pay the man if they want. He’s been a way too important part of Ryan Pace’s rebuild and has been too good for the Bears for the team to just let him walk. So double his money, triple it, quadruple – do WHATEVER it takes to fill his bank account. The McCaskey’s have a treasure trove of gold coins somewhere that they can use.

The title of “Assistant Head Coach” would be a nice gesture by Pace and Nagy to let Vic know how much they appreciate him and essentially recreates the Mike Ditka-Buddy Ryan dynamic of the ’85 Bears. I don’t see Nagy’s ego being the type to care about having an Assistant Head Coach on his staff and he already lets Fangio do his thing with the defense anyway – the title change would just make it official.

You saw what I’d do. So get after it, real Ryan Pace.

In the meantime, let’s all send good vibes to Papa Vic as he preps schemes for the Nick Foles magic…

Bear Down


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Featured Photo: Edited from Tim Boyle/For the Sun-Times and USA Today


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