Ranking the NFL Job Openings

It’s that time of year again. Black Monday saw multiple head coaches fired and brought the job openings to 8.

It is the week of Wildcard Weekend, but instead of talking X’s and O’s today I wanted to give you my power ranking of the head coaching jobs in the NFL.

From worst to first…

8. Tampa Bay Bucs.

Image – Sporting World

I believe you could easily switch this job with my 7th ranked team, however I put them last. Maybe it’s because they are talking about interviewing my Irish head coach Brian Kelly and I’m pissed or because well… They just stink. They have no running game, DJax wants out, the defense is terrible and oh yeah all Jameis does his “eat L’s.”

7. Miami Dolphins.

Image – cbssports

Wow, two Florida teams as my worst job openings. I mean the top 2 QB’s on the depth chart are Ryan Tannehill and Brock Osweiler. No thank you. The stadium is nice but the fans in Miami don’t care. I mean hell even Dan Marino couldn’t win a Super Bowl there. Only upside is TB12 won’t be around much longer, or will he…

6. Cincinnati Bengals.

Image – theodessyoline

Marvin Lewis is gone after 107 years coaching and 0 playoff wins. Yes the team has AJ Green, Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon. (That’s why I don’t have them last.) However the red rifle is still the QB. Vontez Burfect’s career might be over after another concussion and apparently the Bengals have the worst facilities in the NFL. Woof.

5. Arizona Cardinals.

Image – SB Nation

Poor Steve Wilks, fired after one season. I mean the dude walked into a team with no QB on the roster. They threw money at the biggest bank robber of all time, Sam Bradford and then drafted Josh Rosen. Larry Fitz may retire, does Patrick Peterson want out? There’s a lot of questions. However, they have the #1 overall pick. The fan base and stadium are awesome and they have a young talented QB to build around, with a great GM. Could be a lot worse (reference 6-8)

4. Denver Broncos.

Image – wdef

I feel like this was the most quiet season for the Broncos national buzz in years. They were playing really bad football but then showed what a good team they could be and almost made a playoff push. Until they didn’t. Yes, you will have to compete with Patty Mahomes for years to come, but… The team could have the best pair of pass rushers in the league. Some very talented young players on offense and John Elway has no choice to hit a homerun in this year’s draft. Denver is also a beautiful place to live so there’s that.

3. New York Jets.

Image – Yahoo

The team has found their QB. Sam Darnold was very impressive at many moments this season. The team also has some talent on defense, especially in the backend. The Jets also have another top draft pick and millions on millions of dollars to spend in free agency. Who would want to coach in New York? (Well, actually New Jersey.) Again, you have to also think the reign of Brady won’t be much longer in the AFC East.

2. Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers.

1. Cleveland Browns.

Gif – Giphy

You could say the Green Bay Rodgers should be number one. However I feel like this Browns job is the best. This team is young. This team is fun. This team just went from 0 to 7 wins with a rookie QB. Baker Baker the Touchdown Maker is the man, the possibilities with him in this offense are almost endless. It’s also a very talented defense and a fan base that is dying for a winner, especially since LeBron left.

If any more jobs come open look for my updated power rankings.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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