New Years Resolutions for Boston Sports

2018 was a hell of a year for Boston Sports. Very similar to the last 20 years, but this may have been the best of that era.

All four teams made deep playoff runs, two of which ending in the championship game. Obviously the Pats weren’t able to overcome Big Dick Nick Foles and his magical member back in February, but seeing Brady in his third Super Bowl in four years for the second time in his career was enough to bring a smile to my face. Luckily there wasn’t much time to grieve because shortly after we had unsuspecting playoff runs from the Bruins and the Celtics which rolled perfectly into the beginning of the Red Sox season of dominance which culminated in a World Series spanking of the Dodgers.

And now you’re asking me, Dubs, how could it get any better? There’s no point of New Years resolutions if you’re already better than everyone.

While you wouldn’t be wrong in wondering this, because it is fucking awesome to have my teams be the pinnacle of the sports world, there’s still work to be done. There’s a Patriots playoff run looming, an inconsistent flow to the start of the Celtics and Bruins season and a chance for the Red Sox to become the first baseball team to repeat in this millennium.

Let’s start with the most pressing matter right now. The Patriots are looking less dominant than they have throughout most of this recent string of seven straight AFC Championship games. More people are doubting them than ever and I’m starting to lick my chops thinking of every other NFL fan’s tears when they see the Patriots in the Super Bowl yet again.

That will only happen if they can get some things in order. The Patriots resolution this year is more James White. I’m talking an excessive amount of James White. I may get an ulcer if I even hear the name Burkhead again. White is the key to the Patriots success and literally all the numbers point to that being true as well as just the eye test.

White needs to be an intricate part of the offense and the coaching staff knows it. They didn’t show that during the regular season and my educated guess is there’s a reason for that. Belichick and McDaniels have a few hidden tricks up there sleeve and the most valuable will be James White.

Now on to our friends on the parquet floor in the Boston Celtics. There’s a lot of animosity surrounding this team so far amongst their inconsistency, but luckily there has been one constant in Kyrie Irving.

That won’t be enough to go anywhere in the playoffs however. For the Celtics, their resolution will be some team bonding time.

It doesn’t seem like much, but if this roster all likes each other and trusts each other, there’s plenty of talent to not just be good, but great. They have the talent for greatness and have yet to find it. Some cohesiveness from the roster is what needs to occur for this team to ever reach its true potential.

As for the Bruins, their biggest problem seems to be the complete opposite of the Celtics. They have chemistry and a seemingly tight locker room with little talent to add to the positive atmosphere. Outside of the best line in hockey in Bergeron, Marchand and Pastrnak, the B’s are depleted offensively and they’re sloppy in their own end on defense.

The Bruins new year resolution is a new center. After not being able to win in the Tavares sweepstakes this offseason, the Bruins haven’t really made any other moves to fill the type of role they wanted Tavares to fill. The Mass native Charlie Coyle has been the name floating around for some time now.

They need another center that can keep any momentum the Bruins top line produces. Right now when Bergeron and the boys aren’t out there the offense is choppy and stagnant outside of Krejci. An offensive minded center alleviates some of that pain.

Finally, there’s the Red Sox. As I sit here writing this in my World Series Champions Red Sox sweatshirt, it’s hard to imagine a way for the Red Sox to get much better. So their resolution is simple. Go with the guys you know. Minor tweaks here and there need to be made to accommodate financials every year, but don’t go trying to make a splash Dombrowski. This roster has dynasty written all over it and each person on that playoff roster this past year plays a role in that dynasty. 

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Feature Image via Boston Globe

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