Clap Back: Philly Reason

We’re a newish site, so we get plenty of hate thrown our way. Most of the time it’s from people saying things like “who are you?” Or “you guys are no bodies!”

True BUT I will say in 5 months we’ve grown to levels no one thought we would. Signing of Harry Mayes and Eytan Shander is nothing to shake a stick at. Which is also a sentence I found myself saying more and more and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

What I’m trying to say is hate was bound to come. It’s all apart of the process. We actually love the hate.

Now normally we ignore all that bullshit and keep on moving but there is one particular site that seems to not be a big fan of ours. PhillyReason is some random blog that likes to think they are actually relevant even though their last blog came May 24th, 2017. #Content

You’re probably wondering why we’re even bothering with these losers. Well the other night they tossed out another tweet directed at Harry trashing us.

Once again, we don’t really care and I know Harry didn’t even give it a moment of thought. BUT we feel it is time to just squash this little bug. And every now and then we like to mix it up a little.

So we give you, Philly Reason and what they consider #Content

philly reason 2


Listen you don’t have to like Kyle Scott. I think he does a great job with Crossing Broad but maybe he’s not your cup of tea. Fine. I will tell you though he’s not a racist and I’ll also tell you even if he was (which again he is not) you don’t tweet out this picture. You just don’t.

philly reason 4

Yikes. Wonder what they would think if Kyle Scott tweeted this?

philly reason

Yikes again.

philly reasson 5

Seems to be a pattern here with these tweets. Also it is a lazy take. Lamar Jackson looks like the QB of the future for Baltimore. Guy is electric city.


2 broke what? What’s the Philly Reason’s reason for being so aggressive? Feel like 2017 is the year of empowering women like giving them the #1 spot on your top 10 ranked blogs. Great article, highly recommend you check it out.

So think whatever you want about Philly Reason. If you want to check out their #Content have at it. We’re just going to be over here rocketing out of orbit.

Happy New Year

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