Top Blogs From 2018 Picked By The Branded Staff

2018 is in books, time for all those annoying top or best of 2018 lists. With that being said, here’s ours. The top 10 best blogs of 2018, hand picked by the Branded staff themselves.

Enjoy the last day of the year. Be safe out there tonight and make sure to kiss a stranger at midnight. Fellas, it’s actually a great a pick up tonight. Just tell girls “you have to kiss someone at midnight for good luck” someone will bite.

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10: Trump’s new plane

9: Interview with WhiteSox Dave

8: CEO Joe vs Dear Abby: Engagement Ring

7: Roommate’s 12 very specific rules

6: Beginners Guide to sliding into a girl’s DMs

5: Woman wakes up with turtle in her vagina

2018 top 10

4: Most Underrated Sports Movies

2018 top 5 movie

3: Tinder Bumble Chronicles

2: Ru How To: Your First Time


1: I want to cut Danny Amendola’s dick off 

2018 top 5 danny.png



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January 1, 2019 9:15 am

This is bullsnot! My dad had all top 20 blogs! This makes me flipping ticked off


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