Foles Files



Where do I even start…

Stats: 28/33, 221 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 102.1 QB rating

The Bad:

Let’s get his one “bad” out of the way.. 

  • Early interception 

I have to be honest, after seeing this throw I was really hoping that we weren’t going to get “bad Nick Foles” yesterday. As we know, Foles historically runs really, really hot and really, really cold. Thankfully this was his only mistake of the day.



  • Connection with Alshon

One of Foles’ best qualities is allowing his play-makers the opportunity to make plays. Alshon has risen to the occasion since Foles has come back under center, catching 16 balls for 301 yards and a touchdown.


  • Agholor resurgence 

I’m not sure if it has been a conscientious effort from the coaching staff to get Agholor more involved or if it’s Foles, but since the Rams game, Agholor has gone from 2016 Agholor to 2017 SWAgholor.

Last 3 weeks: 11 catches, 164 yards. 3 TDs

Previous 13 weeks: 53 catches, 572 yards, 1 TD

His resurgence has completely opened up this offense.

  • Another record 

Just another day at the office for Nicky record book. Not only has he already tied the NFL record for TD passes in one game, but now he has tied the record for consecutive completions in a single game as well.





Final thoughts: 

Nick Foles did it again. I can’t explain it. This guy just wins.

There is no denying that this team has looked better in every facet of the game since Foles took over. The coaching, the play-makers, the defense, you name it… it’s been better.

It certainly helps when your defense gives up only 89 total yards, but Foles isn’t just playing the role of a game manager, he’s legitimately leading the Eagles to victory. He has a knack for putting his his play-makers in a position to succeed. And they have delivered.

Look at his resume. It’s just ridiculous at this point!

I can’t wait to read the next chapter of this story next week in Chicago. Hopefully he is healthy enough to give it a go and try and finish what he has started.. i’d really hate to resort to the “Sudfeld Story.”

My message to the City of Philadelphia: 

This is the last day of 2018. It’s been the single greatest year in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I have an idea….

Instead of arguing about the quarterback and continuing this ridiculous civil war…. let’s try to enjoy this ride.

I want the Folesian society, the Carson Wentz lap dogs, and everyone in-between to come together and enjoy this playoff run, however long it may be, as one cohesive unit.

At the end of the day, who gives a shit who the QB is as long as the EAGLES win?!?!

PS: I love the Eagles next week





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