Bring On The Eagles

The playoffs are here and the Bears will finally be a part of them for the first time in 8 seasons.

I love that Matt Nagy chose to lead his team out on a high note and beat down the Vikings on in their own back yard. Sure, he could have just thrown in the backups – who I still think would have defeated the Vikings – but he decided to go for the kill and take out a division rival with an old-school Bears win of dominant defense and running the football. Oh, and we got to see the Vikings rip each other apart on the sidelines.

And now the boys in blue & orange face the resurgent Philadelphia Eagles lead by Big Dick Nick. I know a lot of people have gone on record to say they’re afraid to face the Eagles because of the “Nick Foles magic.” I know a lot of fans are nervous about facing the reigning champs…

I say bring it on with these motherfuckers.

I know the Bears are a 5.5-point favorite in Vegas, but everyone around the league is acting like they’re an underdog – and I love it that way. Nobody on the national level, except for Louis Riddick, has given the Bears a shot all season. Now the national people have their perfect team to root for in the Eagles – the Nick Foles story, the comeback, the blah blah blah. I love the noise and so do the Bears. Hell, as I wrote this, Colin Cowherd picked the Eagles and said he doesn’t see Mitch Trubisky rising to the occasion – great, we don’t want your Baker Mayfield-hating ass anyway. Turn the noise all the way up.

And just like my beloved 2005 White Sox, they also had to get through the defending champ Boston Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs. You gotta beat the best to be the best (yeah, I know, a corny as shit sports saying).

Sure, the Eagles have a ton of momentum right now…but so do the Bears. The Bears have a defensive lineup of killers ready to defend their home of Soldier Field. We’ve got an offense that is finding its groove and a guy named Jordan Howard who is peaking at the perfect time. And let’s not forget, they pulled a savage move and knocked out the Vikings at their own will when THEY DIDN’T EVEN NEED TO.

We’ve got a group of men ready to prove the NFL wrong and bring a Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago for the first time in 33 seasons. Club Dub is getting ready for its playoff opening and its first stop is at Soldier Field against the Eagles.

Lastly…the first round of the Branded Bowl is upon us. It’s me (and Edgar, sorta) in Chicago vs the Philly crew. I love them and I appreciate CEO Joe giving me a platform to write on…but this week is war.

It’s time to knock out Rocky, throw out the cheesesteaks, put another crack in the Liberty Bell and take a dump on “The Process.”

Bear The Fuck Down.


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Featured Photo: Edited from Harry How/Getty Images and Political Reporter


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