Tough loss for “That Guy”

Watched the first college playoff semifinal game, if that’s what you want to call it, with “that guy” and pretty sure I watched him go through the 5 stages of denial tonight.

Step 1- Denial, as you can tell by the picture below… he took himself outside for some fresh air after the first turnover of the game. Then decided to knock over the mini Christmas tree, which leads us to our next step…

Step 2-Anger, Our guy has now resorted to talking to himself, throwing his hands in the air and slamming doors behind him. I’m just waiting for him to throw something through the tv!

Step 3- Bargaining, when the score was 23-3 I heard him say “all I want is one” talking about just one TD. His “hot wife, Lisa” said they’re going to score a TD… get a turnover, score another TD, kick 2 FGs and then score another TD and be up 30-23. Kev then said if that happens I will buy you a new pair of Louboutin shoes… it then went to 30-3 and that went right out the window.

Step 4- Depression, This poor guy has now gone facedown on the floor and can’t even watch this ass kicking anymore… but can you blame him? Notre Dame decided to not show up , again! Maybe they should join a conference so there isn’t such a big lay-off next time… it won’t help. But you could try

Step 5- Acceptance, He is doing his best to move on from this ass kicking that we just witnessed… not sure taking straight vodka shots is the best way to move on, but to each their own.

There’s always next year for the Irish… but if history repeats itself, and it always does, they won’t show up for their next bowl game either!

-Messy Marv

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