There’s Something Seriously Wrong with You if You’re Rooting for Jon Jones Tonight


Yep, that’s right. You’re batshit crazy if you’re rooting for Jon Jones tonight.

After reading article after article and watching countless interviews, I still have no idea what the hell happened with this recent drug test Jones took on December 9th. I’ve now learned that a picogram – the measurement unit used to gauge how much of the drug was in Jones’ system – is the equivalent to a grain of salt broken in to 50 million pieces. Did he take more steroids? Maybe, maybe not.

Here’s what I do know:

  • UFC 232 has now been moved to LA from Las Vegas because of Jon Jones’ past
  • A bunch of fighters now have to pay California income taxes – again – because of Jon Jones’ past
  • Jon Jones has been a raging dick after all this has gone down

This guy can’t answer any questions asked of him about his actions. First it was fumbling over his answers on First Take with Max Kellerman and Thursday it was him calling out a journalist for simply doing her job when she pressed him with tough questions:

What’s even worse is the fact that these meatball fans in the crowd who booed this woman and played along with Jones’ bullshit – what the hell is the matter with you?

First it was he made mistakes because of his youth. Then it was because he was dealing with drug addiction – which I take very seriously –  and now it’s because of science. But no matter what has happened – he’s always been an asshole about it. I thought him crying on the stage at the UFC 200 press conference was a turning point – but Jon Jones has continued to be Jon Jones.

Take out my bias for Alexander Gustafsson being my favorite fighter, but he is far and away the fighter you should be rooting for when he and Jones step into the Octagon tonight.

Gus is a good dude – a guy who fights his heart out every time he steps into the cage and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever see in the sport. He also has dynamite in his hands and knocks the shit outta people. Look at his last KO against the Brazlian bomber, Glover Teixeira:

Oh and he’s never failed a drug test AND once again, he’s not a dick.

Do yourself a favor and root for Gus on Saturday. Stop buying into Jon Jones’ bullshit, don’t be a piece of crap and root for a good guy for once.

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