I’m With Coach Nagy: Let’s Just Beat The Vikings’ Ass

I’ve been pondering all week on whether the Bears should rest their starters against the Vikings or play the boys for a W.

There are a ton of pros and cons on each side, but the biggest X factor is the fact that the Bears could realistically secure a bye if they beat the Vikes and the Rams lose to the 4-11 49ers. On the other hand, we could just be happy with our spot and rest our starters in the second half if the Rams are kicking the shit out of the Niners.

Then, I watched Matt Nagy on the Chicago Bears show “Coffee with Coach” this morning and I made up my mind after he said this…

“I want to make sure that everybody understands that we’re completely going into this thing to win the game.” 

Hell yes, Coach Nagy. I’m with you. Let’s just go in and beat some purple and yellow ass. Side note, how adorable is his dog Tuddy?

The more I think about it, it just makes sense to go play and win up north in Minne. I was explaining this on the Branded Sports group chat how I just want the Bears to have any kind of momentum going into a potential Wild Card Round game next weekend. It would suck to lose to the Vikings and have to turn around to play them the week after.

I’ve also seen people on the Twittersphere say they don’t want the Bears playing the Big Dick Nick-lead Eagles in the Wild Card Round. Yes, Nick Foles is on some voodoo magic right now, but I’d rather have the momentum of a win carry the Bears into Soldier Field than a loss.

Who knows what the hell is gonna happen this weekend. The NFL playoff picture is weird as shit and thank God Matt Nagy has a bald head, because he’d be losing his hair over this. But I believe in him, I believe in 10 God and I believe in Our Outside Linebacker and Savior, Khalil Mack.

Also, fuck Doug Gottlieb’s prediction for this Sunday.




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Featured Photo: AP Photo/Duane Burleson


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