Football Friday: Embrace the ND Hate

Yes, it feels like we haven’t watched this Irish team play in about a year. Yes, they are 12.5 point underdogs. Yes, Clemson has been here before.

But you know what? I could give a damn.

The Irish are loose. They are having fun and they are ready for this game and this test.

There is always a perceived hate for some teams around the country, and right now the hate is glaring. And for what reason, I really don’t know.

The Irish haven’t won a National Title in 30 years… So you can’t call us Irish fans frontrunners.

They schedule tough, USC, Stanford, Florida State, Michigan… It is not their fault some of those teams had a down year. Beat who you play, and they did. Only school on the country to beat 12 FBS teams.

The Ian Book factor… How can you not root for a kid like him? He works hard every day, leads this team with a smile on his face. And, oh yeah took over the starting job the 4th game of the season, and has lead them to this playoff!

Oh I’ll just leave this here..

This Notre Dame Team is special, and they deserve to be exactly where they are. They have playmakers on offense with Ian Book, Dexter Williams, Miles Boykin and Alize Mack to name a few…

And this team has a defense full of studs. Julian Love, Jerry Tillery, Alohi Gillmen and they all led by 23 and 4… Drue Tranquill and Te’von Coney in the middle.

Image – 247sports

If you want to keep hating the Irish… That’s fine it fuels this team and our fan base.

You can root for Clemson. A team with 3 suspended players for banned substance. If that report came out about ND the masses would want them kicked out of the playoff.

But not for Clemson. Dabo just smiles, says something about Jesus and everything is forgiven.

Keep the hate coming. Keep the “they have no chance” coming. I love this shit. Again, am I guaranteeing an Irish win in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow? Nope.

Image -ndfootball

But what I am guaranteeing is that this team will continue to make me and the rest of ND Nation proud to say… GO IRISH! (And maybe just maybe, win over a couple of you haters in the process.)

GO IRISH BEAT tigers!!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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