Birdbox Is Sweeping The Nation And It Is Now Causing Parents To Hurt Their Children

Before we jump into the clip I’d like to give my official Joey Tomatoes (is that my new nick name?) review of BirdBox. The first 30 minutes I was thinking M. Night is going to sue the makers of this for sure. It seemed like the exact same movie has The Happening. Just missing a very out of breath Mark Wahlberg.

Then the movie added a few of its own unique twist that I won’t spoil for you. The biggest difference then I can give is that people have to hide their eyes to keep themselves safe from killing themselves.

Add that with some really strong acting from some big names like Bullock, Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Rel Howery, and boy and girl. And you got yourself a solid movie. Even Machine Gun Kelly was decent in the short time he was in the film.

Overall, 8.3 out of 10 Snowcaps.

So fast forward to yesterday. People are loving the movie and they are reenacting parts of it. Throw on blindfolds and acting like idiots. All fun and games until someone gets hurt. That someone is this poor little dude that is just barely old enough to walk/run.

Come on dad, help my man out. First off muscle memory should have told you that is where the door way ended. If you’ve lived in a house for more than a year you can walk around the place in pitch black knowing where you’re going.

Secondly dad, the risk reward here isn’t enough to take this type of chance. No way this guy has a wife or girlfriend. He has to be a single father because no man with half a brain would roll the dice on this love knowing their SO is going to see it. This is a one way ticket to the dog house for an extended stay.

You gave your son CTE for a few cheap giggles? Yeah you’ll never here the end of that one buddy. Will say though that kid bounced off that wall and kept his composure better than most adults would. That baby can play for my team any day.

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