A Guide For Eagles Fans In How To Properly Root For The Bears This Sunday


So we all know the scenarios. Eagles have to beat the Redskins and the Bears have to take care of business in Minnesota. That’s the only way the Birds get a chance to defend their crown.

Also side note: the reigning champion should be given an automatic spot into the playoffs the following year. Even if they are 2-14. Doesn’t matter. Give them the 6th seed and let them try to defend their title. It’s only fair.

Anyway, since that isn’t the case it’s time for Eagles fans everywhere to get ready to root on Da Bears. So I reached out to our Chicago blogger Eric and asked him for some tips to make sure I am properly rooting on the kings of the north (Bears won the NFC North). Please take notes

  • Make sure all of your pro Bear tweets end with #BearDown
  • Kirk Cousin is a choke artist as we know from his Redskin’s days. So if its close at the end breath easy. Kirk should cough it up.
  • For good luck, crack open an Old Style and serve up a Chicago Hot Dog. No ketchup apparently.
  • Also make sure to add an Italian Beef into your weekend menu. Maybe go back and  forth between that a cheesesteak.
  • Remember Matt Nagy is also from the Andy Reid tree just like Doug. So Nagy = Friend
  • Rip a shot or two of Malort. It is the worst liquor known to man but in Chicago it seems to be considered a delicacy.
  • Lastly, take a page out of Eyton Shander’s book and go full mustache. We need to support da Bears by looking like da Coach.

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