Watch What Happens When This Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend (And The Easiest I Told You So!)


Just 3 short weeks ago I posted this blog begging women to keep the gender roles in this one tradition alive. And now we have the perfect case study as to why.

In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, likely due to the outpouring of negativity on, this girl has a whole setup with candles and hearts and flowers and people to surprise her man and propose to him.

The only remaining video evidence seems to be this clip of the exact moment this guy realizes he no longer has a man card.

You can see the girl has put so much time and effort into the proposal setup, her hair and makeup and presumably some bedazzled black onyx wedding band. It’s very possible she saw the Jared’s commercial and felt inspired. Exactly my worst fear when I first saw it on TV. If only this girl followed Branded Sports, she may have avoided this. Was this on Christmas too? Girl, let me help you.

As the man roars his head back with laughter, you can see the awkwardness radiating through the camera. Now he’s got like 300 people surrounding him, filming him, livestreaming? That is ultimate worst case scenario. You HAVE to say yes, or else you look like a ungrateful prick. If you say no your relationship is over. It’s like when a girl tried to join my high school wresting team. Sure it sounds great in theory but it’s a real catch 22.

Now I think I need to resort to some more aggressive methods to stop you thirst traps from proposing to men.



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