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The Way Regulation Ended Of The Hornets And Nets Game Is A Coaches Worst Nightmare

Anyone that has ever played organized basketball as a coach scream at them after clanking a free throw, “THEY ARE CALLED FREE THROWS FOR A REASON!! THEY’RE FREE!!!!!” Another big time no-no is fouling behind the 3-point line. Just a boneheaded move.

This 1 minute clip is a cocktail of fundamental basketball violations that would make Tim Duncan’s head spin.

For the record the Nets did end up winning in double OT but both teams deserved a loss here. I imagine Michael Jordan was watching this, smoking a cigar and thinking about coming out of retirement.

Ps. The 10 part series coming out in 2020 on the Bulls looks amazing. A little wild they’d push a teaser for something that’s still over a year away. If Game Of Thrones can get away with that bullshit then the GOAT can as well.


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