My Top 10 Scenes In Adult Movies That Make You Cry

I may be the funniest blogger on this site, but one thing I love to do is sit back and have a good man cry because of a powerful movie scene.  Here are MY top ten scenes that bring tears to my eyes.  I’ll let you know up front, there will be a lot of war scenes in here, something about a soldier fighting for our freedoms fiction or non fiction always get’s to me.  Keep in mind these are from adult movies, we’re looking at a PG-13 or above rating here.  Pretty much all Disney and Pixar movies are not going to be included.  I have an overall list right here, and may add one or two scenes from this list.  Remember these are MY scenes, let me know some of yours in the comments.

10. Black Hawk Down- Snipers Last Stand

This get’s me every time I watch it.  I think because it’s based on a true story and this particular scene really happened it gets me choked up.  They went down to save their brother knowing they were going to die.  They showed no fear in a situation that would lead to sure death.  Always makes you think, what would I do?

9. Lone Survivor Mike Murphy’s Sacrifice 

This get’s to me each and every time for the same reason as the scene from Black Hawk Down.  Just a brave man who sacrificed himself for his brothers.  Heroic on a level none of us can ever understand.  “Never out of the fight” what a quote.

8. Only The Brave- Families Realize Their Husbands/Fathers are dead

The first scene that isn’t from a war movie but still along the lines of some of America’s bravest.  Brutal to watch families come to the realization that their loved one is gone, another movie on a true story and that always makes it that much harder.

7. Hardball- G-Baby Dies

This is a brutally tough scene to watch especially now that I have kids.  Just something about a kid dying will always be hard to watch.  Especially in this manner.  He was just trying to go home with his brother, he just wanted to go home.  He never got too.

6. I Am Legend- Goodbye Sam

Isn’t this always the hardest?  A dog dying is never the easiest in any movie especially a movie where Will Smith is tugging on your heart-strings.  We all love dogs, and do not deserve them, and the pain Will SMith’s character goes through as he has to put his dog down at his own hands is heartbreaking, as he loses the will to survive.

5. Shawshank Redemption- Brooks Was Here

I don’t know why this always got to me.  I guess we all see a grandfather in Brooks, just trying to adjust to the world.  Getting no respect and you wish someone would just show him some respect and help him out.  He’s so scared he can’t go on any longer and ends it all.

4. Forrest Gump- Goodbye Bubba

This has nothing to do with the fact this happens at war.  It’s just a sad scene.  We all will lose our friends one day, it’s something we accept and deal with.  Losing your friend so early in life is heartbreaking, watching them die in your arms is heart wrenching.  It’s a tough scene to watch as you think about your loved ones and life long friends.

3. The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas- The Friends Die

The Nazis are an evil group that people often forget the true nature of the evil atrocities they committed.  This movie is a long depressing fact of all of that.  In the end a young boy who was not in the camp finally gets to play with his friend he made who was in the camp.  It leads to him being gassed and his mother discovering the grizzly site.

2. The Green Mile- John Coffey Is Executed 

This really could be number one because of Tom Hanks brilliant acting.  It just misses out on number one though because of another movie with brilliant Tom Hanks acting.  It’s so incredible and tough to watch.  You know what they have to do and you know they don’t want too.  Everyone has been in a situation like that, where they don’t want to do something but they must.  You can feel Hanks pain in this scene.

1. Saving Private Ryan- Wade Want’s To Go Home

This made me tear up before I even finished typing in the title.  Our Military men and their sacrifice will always bring me to tears weather it be real stories or movies and this is no different.  A man die’s and he just want’s to go home to see his mom.  It’s a scene that show’s the saddness and awfulness of war and you just wish Wade could go see his mom as his eyes glaze over and he passes on.


Let me know some of your scenes from adult movies that give you teary eyes and leave you with all of the feels.


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December 30, 2018 7:33 am

You forgot the movie Seven Pounds, it’s a real tear jerker. How many men can keep from crying when seeing a ’64 corvette destroyed?