Foles To The Bowl

On Monday I made a bold statement on live radio…

“The worst thing the Eagles could do is bring Carson Wentz back, it’s Foles’ team for the rest of this year.”

Was I drunk? Did I have too much eggnog? Or was I still mesmerized by a 471 yard, 4 TD performance by Foles that included a game winning drive followed by a tear jerking press conference?

Nope. I was sober and in my right state of mind.

So, what gives?

Here’s my theory….

The Eagles can’t bring Wentz back this season because it will set him up for nothing but failure.

If Foles and the Eagles sneak into the playoffs (big if) riding a remarkable three game winning streak and then Wentz comes back for the Wild Card game in Chicago and losses, there would be a Civil War in Philadelphia. Wentz would lose the city and never be able to recover.

In a normal circumstance I would say absolutely bring back the franchise QB and get him much needed playoff experience. In a normal situation a loss in Chicago with your franchise guy would be no big deal. But this is far from a normal situation. We have seen ….with our own eyes… Nick Foles go 8-1 as a starter including a victory in the freaking Super Bowl where he out-dueled Tom Brady. We have seen… with our own eyes… Nick Foles lead this team (especially this past Sunday) to victories over two 10 win teams for the first time in franchise history. And if we see… with our own eyes… Foles lead this team, that was completely left for dead, to the playoffs…… he has to remain the starter.

This isn’t a knock on Wentz. This is to save Wentz.

Believe me, I have been in this City my entire almost 30 years of existence, if Wentz comes back in and losses @ Chicago, it will be hell on earth.

You can’t risk Wentz losing this city. There is already a LOUD minority that already want the Eagles to go with Foles beyond this season. No matter if it’s right or wrong, if Wentz losses a playoff game after Foles resurrected the season, that minority may become the majority.

Don’t get me wrong. I personally have full faith in Carson Wentz. I even think he could potentially get a win in Chicago if given the chance. However, that would be no easy task. The Eagles will be a heavy underdog going into a frigid solider field and facing the top defense in the NFL. The risk probably wouldn’t be worth the reward.

Just ride Foles for the the rest of this season, how ever long that may be. That’s the best thing for Wentz, Foles and this City.

All of this is for nothing if the Eagles can’t win on Sunday and the Bears do not beat the Vikings.

The only thing that makes this better is that if the Eagles and Bears both do win, not only would the Eagles be in, but the Vikings would be out!!!

#SKOL #NeverForget

Bears coach, Matt Nagy seems like he is going to play his guys…

…. he pretty much has to. Imagine if the 49ers, who do play tough, beat the Rams and Nagy sits his guys? That would essentially be pissing away a shot at the Super Bowl.

Of course Mike Zimmer is on edge as usual..

Zimmer is such a pain in the ass.

Here’s what oddsshark has to say…

I like the Eagles in this game, but it is no gimme.

As far as Vikings/Bears, I do like that the line has dropped from 6 to 4.5/4. We can go back and look at Kirk Cousins’ history in big games. For example, January 1st, 2017. All the Redskins needed was a win and they would be in. They were 9 point favorites over a Giants team that had already clinched a playoff berth. What did Kirk Cousins do? He threw two picks and the Redskins lost outright.

Hopefully that’s exactly what happens on Sunday. I can’t see the Bears playing their starters for a half, then pulling them, only to have to play the Vikings again next week. I think they will play hard throughout.

My gut says the Eagles do get in. I don’t really know why, I’m just riding the wave.

I feel like the Eagles are the Angeles in the Outfield with Foles under center. Maybe higher powers have something to do with it… IDK… but for whatever reason I do think this miracle will come true on Sunday.

Go Birds, and for this week… GO BEARS!

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