Chris Brown is Facing Jail Time and It’s Not for the Reason You Would Think


Chris Brown has yet again found himself in trouble with the law. If you’re a big Breezy fan then you’ll be happy to hear it’s not the worst case scenario when it comes to the 29-year-old. However, he could be knee deep in monkey shit with this charge.

Apparently those nerds out in LA aren’t big fans of foreign pets with opposable thumbs. Chris Brown’s trouble with his monkey, named Fiji, began almost exactly a year ago when he posted a video of his daughter playing with the new family member.

Via @Chrisbrownofficial on Instagram

This LA city attorney charging Brown for having Fiji as a pet needs to pull the stick out of his ass. If people can have kids then they should be able to have a monkey. They’re just hairy people anyways the only difference is they can’t talk back…yet. I’m still waiting for the real life Planet of the Apes where I can swear my allegiance to King Caesar. Plus, what’s the worst case scenario? Chris Brown gets his face attacked by a monkey? That just sounds like sweet karma to me.

Chris Brown could face up to six months in jail, but my guess is that will become a fine he pays off before moving on to owning tigers Mike Tyson style.

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Feature image via Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department

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