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Some Dude Decided Christmas Was The Perfect Time To Traumatize Children

If you didn’t see the video I posted last night, I told the internet that my Branded team is the absolute greatest assembled. I tell them not to worry about making content during this holiday season, they make content anyway. Grind. So I figured I’d lead by example. That, and I couldn’t help share this insane picture/story.

Popping around the old time line and I saw this flash on my phone. At first I thought, oh this must be one of those stories where a place like KFC accidentally fills people’s food with brains instead of chicken. Upon further review, I think this is worse.

That’s right, this guy took a Christmas present that little kids were excited to open and turned it into a political agenda pushing nightmare scenario. Buddy, if you want to be a vegan, more power to you. Shorter lines at Chipotle for the rest of us. But this has to be a crime of some sort right? Maybe cruel and very unusual punishment.

Also what is the logic here? “Meat eaters kill animals and eat them, that’s disgusting! I’ve got a better idea, I’ll kill animals to torture kids and go viral on the internet just to push my beliefs into them. Oh and I’ll just throw away the meat anyway.”

This guy sucks, if this is real. I only say that because this seems to crazy to be real. So here’s to hoping this guy is just some fake ass hole and not a real ass hole.


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