Kevin Spacey Releases Bizarre Video As Frank Underwood Seemingly Responding To His Sexual Assault Charges

Kevin Spacey has officially lost it. It was bad enough that right after these allegations came out he just dropped the “I’m a gay man” card as if it was a smoke bomb. Now he decides to make a home made video as a made up psychopathic character he played to respond to very real sexual assault charges.

Those were 3 very uncomfortable minutes. My question is simple. Who told him this was a good idea? How does his lawyer not stop him? If you’re a celebrity out there today and you were thinking about doing some crazy shit, no better time than now.

Kid Rock could come out a beat up a mall Santa and no one would even talk about it after this video.

Feel like Spacey is trying to create his own House of Cards spin off. Zombie Frank Underwood living in witness protection baking cookies alone and playing Risk in his zombie underwear.

Guy needs to be locked up and forgotten about.

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