Here Comes the 2nd St. Nicholas(A fireside tale)

Gather Around Children,

There’s a story to tell,

It’s about a guy named Nicholas,

This dudes story I’ll tell

So I was but a young man,

Your mother a maiden,

When the other St. Nicholas,

All the hot takes were hating

“27-2 was just a flash in a pan.”

“There’s no way he can duplicate that man.”

“Look what happened in St. Louis,

He was awful there.”

“A career back up is all he is, he’ll never go on a tear.”

Well he faltered at first,

The fans thought the situation was dire,

Then in the playoffs the man caught fire,

Like from a cannon St. Nicholas Burst,

First came the Falcons,

Their Defense was staunch,

They wouldn’t allow the Nick and the Birds offense to Launch,

It came down to a small lead, a dropped Julio pass and a turnover on downs.

The Vikings came next with their fans all up in a clatter,

Birds fans stood firm because they knew St. Nick could handle this matter,

Their fans defiled rocky and shouted at kids,

All whilst our birds fans took plenty of vids,

The game started 7-0 Vikings and our eyes no one hid,

Because mincemeat became Vikings oh what St. Nicholas did,

Bombs to Ertz, Torrey, Alshon and Agholor too,

Vikings fans started their whining and blaming every Philadelphian even me too,

Next came the grinch errr I mean The Patriots,

The Cheaters of the SuperBowl,

When the experts picked Brady we knew they were idiots,

They all thought the St. Nick Hype had taken its toll,

Within the first drive there arose such a clatter,

OH SHIT the birds are in this said the Collinsworth Michaels chatter,

Foles led the charge and caught a pass too,

Thanks to the Philly Philly play call, Corey Clement and Trey Burton I couldn’t believe they didn’t go for two.

In the end it was so tense because the Goat Brady was driving,

But a fumble caused by Brandon Graham had Philly Thriving,

A field goal by Elliot had the birds up by 8,

Philadelphia knew if we could stop Brady the party would be great.

The last play came and the Brady pass was perfect,

The pass protection was staunch,

Gronkwoski bobbled it,


On Broad Street, On Market, On Passyunk and Chestnut,

There wasn’t a greased pole that wouldn’t get climbed,

The streets were packed with birds fans,

This party would go down as an all time

St. Nick was named MVP of the game,

On all the sports talk shows their expectations of him waned,

Back to the bench because Wentz will arise,

One and one in two games it wasn’t really a surprise,

Now children you’d think this is where St. Nick’s Tale is all done,

But for Philadelphia there was surely so much more fun,

During the 2018 season our Birds they did falter,

Everyone was looking for something to help the season course alter,

After the Cowboys loss we thought we were done

But Wentz went down and St. Nicholas came back for some fun,

He went out to LA with his team in shatters,

Philly hope was lost,

Somehow they won proving only one thing matters,

You’re never eliminated until that fat lady sings,

His stats were pedestrian,

But his performance so much more,

All the talk was Wentz vs Foles,

To you I won’t bore,

The Texans Came to town with Houston 0-11 against the birds,

Most haters thought behind Foles they would play like turds,

They came out and at Halftime we had almost a tie,

Until Foles put the team on his back and punched Houston in the Eye,

The Refs would do their thing to keep the good guys down,

But still they pushed to 28-16 no Birds fan had a frown,

St. Nick was throwing Deep,

Hitting Agholor beautifully deep,

Zach Ertz passed Jason Witten,

Oh even our defense was hittin,

After a fumble by Adams and a td drive by the refs,

We birdsfans found ourselves 30-28 deep in despairs depths,

One last drive we start at our ten,

That’s when Clowney cheap shotted Foles Again

Our fans were angry not a breath was taken,

Hoping our man St. Nick was just lightly shaken,

His last pass extended the game so our drive could continue,

Could Sudfeld show he was as magical as Foles too?

Lincoln Financial Field Roared “Foles” with the A very loud stolen Viking Clap,

After a Sudfeld incompletion we prayed harder for our chap,

Then what to our eyes did appear,

Nick Foles jogging onto the field OH DEAR,

With St. Nick back under center they dashed and they darted,

That’s when all the giddiness started,

The Birds were ready for Jake Elliot to enter,

With 3 seconds left Jake hit another game winner,

St. Nick was the talk of every Philly Dinner,

Now where does our story go,

We don’t yet know,

But next week at 4:25 the future will surely show.

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