A Very Merry Mugshot Monday: Santa

It’s time for another edition of the segment sweeping the nation… Mugshot Monday.

In honor of Christmas, today we bring you a very Merry Mugshot Monday, featuring Santa!

Santa was thirsty…

Image – Instacheckmate

“Why are you arresting me for being nice??”

No chalk drawling for you Claus!!


“Man dressed as Santa selling Weed, meth and X” …Straight to the naughty list!

Huzlers Philadelphia – An 18 year old man was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly breaking into homes, dressed as Santa Claus, and ejaculating inside the residents’ Christmas stocking’s.”

ebaumsworld Canada, December 12, 2007. Santa and several of his elves were arrested for trying to deliver lumps of coal to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper.”

ebaumsworld Massachusetts, November 25, 2013. 62 year old mall Santa was arrested after allegedly pinching the buttocks of an 18-year-old woman who worked with him as an elf photographer.”

The most Florida Santa of All Time….

ebaumsworld “Mike Busey, aka the “King of Rock and Roll Debauchery,” was arrested during a house party at his Florida home he calls the “Sausage Castle.” An undercover police officer paid the $20 cover charge for “Mike Busey’s End of the World Sexy Santa Holiday B-Day” inside, he saw liquor being sold without a license. Busey was booked and jailed, but even after he was released, he tweeted “Last Night I Got Arrested For Throwing A EPIC Party! I Never Had Some Much Being Arrested!”

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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