Nick Foles deserves to start in the NFL

This isn’t a Carson Wentz vs Nick Foles argument. Both are great competitors and both have done great things for my boys in Midnighht Green. Carson is our future. No questions asked. This is my argument that Nick Foles has always been an above average quarterback in the NFL… with the right coaching. What’s that mean? Means a dude who isn’t an asshole. Someone who is willing to foster him. This blog comes on the heels of him winning two huge season saving games against two playoff teams. First he managed the Birds to a win against the Rams. Now, he torches the Houston Texans for the most passing yards in franchise history.

“He’s a journeyman.”

“There’s a reason he’s never started consistently in this league.”

Both these statements are arguments that completely lack any depth or intelligence. Let me start it off with intelligently responding: Nah Nah Nah, you’re wrong:

So by saying either of those you’re telling me Charles Chip Kelly didn’t have a vendetta against young Nick Foles? That Jeff Fischer wasn’t the worst coach ever to have 5+ years in the league? You’re out of your god damn mind. Even after Foles single handedly carried that asshole Chip Kelly and his gimmick offense to a 10-6 record with a playoff berth(and so close to victory against the saints) Chipper was so eager to go in a different direction. First it was the Sanchize. Chip took his chance with Foles’ breaking his collarbone against the Texans, first injured by a brutal cheapshot by redskins douchebag Chris Baker, to bench him for Sanchize. Even being able to come back later in the season, Chip preferred floundering with Sanchez instead of going back to Foles who had the team at 6-2.

I remember the Eagles-Rams game the year Foles was traded. Bradford was on the sidelines collecting money and the broadcasters talked about how the team was cutting ties with him. Cut and run at the end of the season. Chip should’ve watched the game broadcast.

Then Chipper took his second and final shot at Big Dick Nick. It all started with the reports Chip traded Foles for Bradford and a first round pick. “Shit fuck that sucks but ok we got a first rounder we must be going after Mary Otah. Nope. We gave them assholes Foles, a Fifth and a Second for Bradford and a Fifth.” That was the moment I realize Chip Kelly was a snake oil salesman. He had no idea how to work personnel and because Howie Roseman didn’t know what the fuck he was doing he decided he needed to be the head of personnel after Howie Drafted Marcus Smith. I took a fucking hissy fit.(With Marcus Smith too, fucking Deone Buccannon was right there) I digress: None of Chip’s personnel decisions mean Foles ever failed. None.

Foles ends up with the Rams. He’s gonna be their starter. One thing. Renowned QB killer Coach Jeff Fischer is at the helm. What he do? Within a few games he killed Foles’ desire to play the game. It’s been said publicly without ever trashing Fischer. So why is that past a blight on him and why he can’t start? Dude wins football games. He doesn’t step off the field without the lead(that ended in Tampa this year.) He got dealt two really shitty Coach to QB relationships and the moment he has one that works this Fucking happens:

The actual first time he has a coach who cares he goes Philly Philly on everyone’s asses and becomes the QB to break the Philly Super Bowl mega drought. Foles should have a chance to be a starter, maybe not here but definitely somewhere in this league of shit QBs. I hope Howie Roseman is able to cap Wizard that option into a huge trade that helps Foles and our franchise. Dude deserves his shot and I’ll always root for him till he retires.

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