Jake Elliot Kicks Game Winner, Immediately Gets Slapped A “Random” Drug Test


Jake Elliot missed an extra point that ended up almost costing the Eagles’ season today. However as time expired Elliot totally redeemed himself by crushing another game winner.

Jake doesn’t have time for that extra point bullshit. He needs kicks to be 50+ or game deciding or both. As Elliot conducted some post game interviews you can clearly see the NFL flagged him for a random drug test.

Kick a monster game winning field goal and the NFL slaps you with a “random” drug test. Random my ass, Rodger Goodell and the rest of the NFL are terrified of an Eagles repeat. This has conspiracy theory written all over it.

With Nick Foles and that midget in his pants at the helm, it feels like destiny over again. The NFL will do anything to stop it, even randomly drug test the 5’9″ 170 lb kicker.

This guy? This is the guy you think is juicing?

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