Tinder Bumble Chronicles





Everyone needs a business plan


RACHEL!!!! Relax



Little young to be messing around in the “bang my girlfriend” game right?


Has anyone checked to see if Alexa is alive?



No thanks Hannah, have a great Christmas


Zach let the world know. You got that tiny penis game. Probably drive a huge truck. Am I correct?

This week’s HARD pass


By the time this poor girl figures out she’s been dick catfished it’s waaaaaaay too late

Rule of thumb: don’t send nudes at all fellas


Britten making sure she doesn’t set too high of expectations. Safe play


Wow that was a close call. Thank God he’s no weirdo


Would love to see the look on her face when she spends all this time matching this guy and he doesn’t respond to her

This is spit out your drink mid sip funny. Making the st of a bad situation

Damn girl, never thought we’d be defending gingers but chill out a little



This girl is annoying, you can just tell that all her friends talk shit behind her back



Honestly, does this ever change for anyone?



Lot of mixed signals here Ash



Nice try Chris Hanson


If Acacia’s father saw this, he’d immediatly think about ending it all

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