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Let me start this article by saying that MLB free agency is stupid. In every other major sport the big time free agents sign within the first week of free agency. I understand in those sports that there is a salary cap and that probably makes the negotiations a little easier as far as a players worth goes, but this is getting ridiculous. Free agency officially started right before Thanksgiving. Imagine if LeBron or Kevin Durant dragged their free agency out from early July to August? It would be beyond annoying.

When the Winter Meetings started last week most people were on the edge of their seat. Of course the baseball diehards are still all in, but the causal fan has moved on to other things like, IDK, this holiday called Christmas for example. People are losing interest, and the last thing baseball needs is people to lose interest. Speaking of Christmas, wouldn’t it make sense for some of these teams to get Machado or Harper signed and start pumping out merch? That’s business 101. Step your shit up, MLB.

Now, on to Manny Machado. It seems that there are three teams, Phillies, White Sox, and Yankees, vying for his services.

He’s finally taking visits, and his first stop was to Chicago as Kurbs pointed out and I failed to mention… then he headed to the Big Apple.

As I wrote in the Harper Watch article, I never count the Yankees out of anything. I learned that lesson long ago. If the Yankees want him, they’ll get him. If you’re a Phillies or White Sox fan and you want Machado, it’s not a great sign that an opposing player is tweeting that he will be a Yankee.

His next stop is today in Philadelphia…


This headline says its all…

Rosenthal goes on to write that it would be a nightmare for the Phillies to lose out on Machado before Harper signs because it would then put enormous pressure on the Phillies to way overpay for Harper because they can’t risk losing out on both big ticket free agents.

I have to agree with that. The City of Philadelphia is not going to be satisfied with Andrew McCutchen as the big offseason signing.

This is where I get nervous with General Manager Matt Klentak. The Andrew McCutchen signing is pretty much the Carlos Santana signing from last offseason. He again overpaid for an aging player very early in free agency. It’s like wash, rinse, repeat. The Segura trade was a good move, and McCutchen is technically an “upgrade” from what they have, although it’s sad that a .255 avg, 20 home runs and 65 RBIs is an upgrade. However, let’s get a little more creative here. Overpaying for a 32 year-old declining player on day two of the winter meetings is not a creative signing. He’s more of a final piece for contending team. The Phillies need players that are going to move the needle, and pack the park.

That’s why today is so important for the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

Manny Machado is a player the Phillies brass drafted back in Baltimore…

Andy MacPhail: Team president

Matt Klentak: Vice president/general manager

Joe Jordan: Director, player development

….were all part of the Orioles front office.

He’s a player that they have been after for over a year…

He’s a player that they whiffed on at the trade deadline…

He’s a player that they have been linked to all offseason..

Now he’s coming to Philadelphia for a meeting and expectations are high. For the Phillies sake, hopefully the Machado free agency tour ends today. Maybe they can even start selling last minute Machado jerseys before the 25th.

Can Matt Klentak land the big fish?

Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on Manny Machado? Did his comments on hustle bother you?

(I’m not worried, sign him!!!)

Would you rather wait and sign Bryce Harper? Do you not want a high priced free agent at all?

Let us know! Tweet us @branded_Sports and me @B_McGlock.

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