It’s about to get Messy in here

Messy Marv

Hey there, Hi there, Hoe there(where)?! My name is Mike Marvin or better known as Messy Marv (follow along on twitter @Messymarv31 and you will find out why).

I’ve been friends with Kevin Messina, KMess you know.. “That guy” for well over a year now (to this day, I still regret that decision.) I’m pretty sure the only reason he wanted to be my friend in the first place was all part of his masterplan to bring the average height of Branded Sports up a few inches just in case we ever have a team basketball game or in case he needs me to reach things on the top shelf for him and his wife. It also could have to do with our shared love of American Flag outfits… because this is America, dammit! The greatest country in the world.

I am a 6’5” retired, washed up, has-been of a college basketball player from good old Penn State… Abington.

Before you ask me about my height… The weather up here is nice (a little breezy), the view is great and YES, like I said… I did play basketball.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am a lover of dogs, ice cream and long romantic walks on the beach… What, this isn’t for my bumble profile? My mistake. I’m in the middle of redoing that as well. (Single ladies slide in those DM’s). I love all things that have to do with Philly and Philly sports… If you call it a Philly Cheesesteak, you’re wrong and we can’t be friends. In case any of you care, I also woke up today and the Eagles are still World Champs baby!

Grew up in a small suburb outside of Philly called Horsham and unlike the rapper Messy Marv, I am definitely not “from the bay.” I grew up with my Dad and two sisters (I just want to give my dad a special shout out really quick for raising 3 great kids as a single parent after losing my mom to a battle with cancer, you’re the best, dad.) Most of you probably haven’t heard of Horsham… Voted 31st best place to live in the country, but who’s counting? If you ever decide to come visit… Don’t. It’s a trap and you will never get out. It’s honestly a pretty boring little town and the most important person/thing that I can think of to come out of our town was Matt Carroll, who played in the NBA for a variety of teams and went to Notre Dame for college… Sounds like I have more of an Irish connection than “That guy”.

I’ve probably bored you all to death at this point with my lovely “about Marv Montage” I just need one more thing out of you… Sit down, buckle up and get ready for the Branded Sports Messy Marv Challenge.

I am considered one of the worlds great “shutgunners of beer.” So… I challenge you all. Anywhere, anytime, to a shotgun or chug race. Beat me.. Win some cash, lose to me and face the humiliation.

Be on the lookout for my tall ass at tailgates, parties or just walking around Philly crushing brews. Think you can hear me? Throw down.

“When you walk up to opportunity’s door: Don’t knock it. Kick that Bitch in, Smile and introduce yourself”

-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Big Johnson fan)

-Mike “Messy Marv” Marvin

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