Calling All Bears Fans, Let’s Join the QBs and Start Growing Our Beards – #BearsBeard


All season long, my girlfriend has been hating on Mitchell Trubisky’s beard.

Now, I get that it’s not the greatest, but I think it’s a pretty damn good beard for his first trial run. It’s a mix of Amish-power, business beard and kid-in-middle-school-who-can-somehow-grow-a-beard, beard.

But even I was surprised by how committed Mitch has been to the scraggle…and now we know why.

Per Adam Hoge of WGN:

What a pact. As a bearded man, I fully support this agreement.

It’s kind of a like a playoff beard in hockey, but these guys have been keeping their glorious facial locks going for 4+ months now – and counting. It just gives me another reason to love this team even more – Club Dub, killer post-game speeches, team game nights and now team beards? Sign me up.

And just look at all those glorious beards.

And I think it’s time for all Bears fans to join the Bears QBs and QB coaches in this agreement and not shave for the rest of the season. M’lady may not like how big my beard is gonna get, but screw it – this is for the Bears and the city of Chicago.

I’m calling on all Bears fans – if you don’t have a beard, start growing one. If you already have a beard, keep it growing. What’s nice about the QBs’ beard rules is they let you get linings – so line up that cheek line and clean up the underbeard if you want to as well. Just keep that scruff growing (hopefully) all the way to the Super Bowl.

Let’s not leave Mitch, Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray and QBs coach Dave Ragone in the dust. Do it for the Bears. Do it for the team.

Better yet, tweet me your beards throughout the rest of the season by using #BearsBeard


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Featured Photo: Chicago Tribune 


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