T-Pain Accused of Plagiarizing Music from a Bollywood Movie

T-Pain, aka Teddy Pain, aka Teddy Bend her ass Down, aka Nappy Boy is being accused of plagiarizing music composed by Mithoon from a movie directed by Mohit Suri.  T-Pain’s song is called “That’s Yo Money” and the song he is accused of stealing the beat from is called “Tum Hi Ho.”

Let’s break a few things down here.  T-Pain is the songbird of my generation.  My four years of college were literally defined by T-Pain, his phat beatz, and his unbelievable use of auto-tune.  T-Pain had an uncanny ability to make college me feel like super man, yet get in my feelings all at the same time.  He’s incredible.  Don’t you DARE accuse him of stealing your beat.

If anything, Mithoon and Mohit Suri should be thanking T-Pain for using their tune.  Outside of India, no one probably knew who these dudes were, or what songs they had in their whack ass movie.  But now, because Nappy Boy spit some auto-tune fire over their phat beat, they are getting global attention.   You’re welcome.

Also, T-Pain didn’t make this beat.  He simply got it from a producer, and with the use of his angel-like voice, he turned it into a top 40 single.  So if these guys are going to accuse someone of stealing their beat, accuse the producer.  They should be kissing T-Pain’s shoes for blessing their tune with his golden pipes.

Lastly, there is no other duo in music that drops panties faster than T-Pain and Chris Brown.  It’s not even an argument.  Don’t @ me.


Featured Photo – Times Now News

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