So Yeah, I Made A Christmas Commercial…

Joey Boats

Okay, so it’s Tuesday night and I’m currently watching the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl between Northern Illinois and the University of Alabama because that’s actually a thing. Outside of March Madness (the best product in sports), I’m not much of a college athletics guy but count me in on these bowl games. Given the NCAA postseason structure, these lower-tier bowls that never meant anything to begin with mean even less, which makes watching them all the more entertaining.

Anyway, forgive me. I’m tired as shit, however, I vowed I wouldn’t go a day without dishing out some 9-5, middle America, tooth and nail, salt of the Earth, steak and eggs content so that’s what I’m going to do…

The video above was filmed one year ago today. I had been job hunting for a new writing job when I stumbled upon this car dealership. They brought me in for an interview, and eventually invited me back to the lot for a second interview.

When I walked for that second audition, the owner and I exchanged the following dialogue around 1 PM:

Owner: Can you write and film us a Christmas commercial featuring Santa?

Me: Ummm yeah, sure. When do you need it by?

Owner: 2 o’clock

Me: Ummm yeah, sure…

Owner: Awesome, here’s your suit.

Twenty minutes later, I was freezing my ass off in the lot with some camera dude who couldn’t speak English and a sheet of paper with script notes written in black Sharpie. Tis’ the fucking season…

Side Note: I didn’t hear back from this place for a week or so (they generously paid me for my time that day) but later that week, I waltzed into a Dunkin’ Donuts for my morning coffee and, as I was waiting in line, all I see is my degenerate ass wearing a Santa suit, screaming through the TV located in the lounge area. It was in that moment that I knew I had made it. I was officially a star…

-Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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