Dear Lions Of Detroit

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Dear Lions Of Detroit,

The battle of this year has been long and tough.  Men have been loved and lost on this great field of battle.  Gladiators like Captain Wentz and Admiral Mills are now gone likely not to return.  We have loved Private Tate as one of our own and thank you for giving him to us in our moment of need.  He fights like a great Philadelphian and embodies the heart of Master Gritty himself.  I fear I am not writing you out of kindness or love, it is a favor I seek from thee.  We the Eagles of Philadelphia ,I must ask a favor of yee.  We must ask of you to take your 53 best and beat the Vikings of Minnesota.

Yes, I know I ask a tall task of yee.  This is not something my heart takes lightly.  I ask to send you into battle with First Class Stafford and Sergent Golloday to tear the Vikings down and bring them a big fat L on the field of battle.  I believe in you, there has been many tough battles in your 2018 war.  Battles you have lost many times.  The battle against those evil roaches of Dallas and the now defeated Rams of Los Angeles.  You must be so tired from these great wars and I do not mean to pray upon your men but I ask they rest up and practice because they are needed.  I know the battle with the Bears Of Chicago has left you devastated and injured with their Midway Monsters ravaging your men, those savages know nothing but death and destruction.  However, you can beat these Viking men after all you are Lions who can kill Vikings.  Keep in mind these Vikings have many weapons that are dangerous and killer.  They are fast and quick and catch anything in site.  They even can run you over if you’re feet aren’t set.  Master Gunny Slay will be needed at his best.

I understand this tall task we ask of your men Captain Patricia.  I understand it will cause you massive loss and heartache and maybe even a position in this years first round.  When you question this task I ask of you remember one thing……..

….. We gave you a third round pick for a guy we don’t even know how to use.

God Bless,

Fans Of The Eagles Of Philadelphia

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December 19, 2018 2:58 pm

Dad! Lmao! Is this from the civil war? Lmao oh my god dad! GO LIONS!!

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