Bob Menery Vs Dave Portnoy Rough N’ Rowdy: ONE MILLION DOLLARS IS ON THE LINE!

Nick Ru

LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!!!! Let’s get this party started.  Bob Menery vs Dave Portnoy! One man’s pride is on the line! One man’s life is on the line! AND ONE MILLION DOLLARS IS ON THEEEEE LINEE!!

Let these guys fight! Let them go!  Bring it on! I love the fight game and I love a big fight feel! Portnoy Vs Menery! We’re gonna break records baby!  How did we get here though?  What brought this fight on?  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

According to Dave it seems as if he caught Menery talking shit about him at Celtics game to one of Dave’s buddies.  I don’t have to explain too much into that, just watch the clip.

Then today this happened.

Again, I don’t have much to explain just watch the clip.  Bob seemed to have enough when Dave hung up on him and that’s when the challenge for the fight happened.  Twitter has lit up..

I did a quick look up of Dakota Meyer.  He is a bad ass Marine so I would NOT fuck with him if I were anybody.  There is one thing I know and one thing I am well spoken out on. Whoever Golden Tate decides he is backing I am backing as well.  GOLDEN TATE FOR LIFE!


Dave would go scorched earth on Twitter dot com.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 7.46.16 AM.png

Lets get this fucking going!  I don’t care who win’s I don’t care who you’re backing I want to see two men who hate each other get in the ring and fight!  I want to see two men who despise one another try to bash faces in!  There will be blood! Broken bones!  This won’t be for the weak and meek!  This is for men with tough stomachs and an appetite for death!  This aint UFC, this aint Boxing after Dark, this aint even Showtime, this is Rough N Rowdy baby!

Two men with will and no skill bashing head’s in. Settle this in the ring!  Dave Portnoy only fights in the ring!  Bob Menery will fight anywhere anytime any place, he’s all guts and we need guts!

The tagline for this fight?  Money Vs Menery LETS GET IT ON!!!!! Who’s pride will be hurt?  Who’s money will be lost? Who’s career will suffer?  We need answers and the only way to find out is if Dave Portnoy will accept this fight!  Dave ya trash us here in Philly all the time.  Ya don’t say such nice things to my man Smitty, but you’re an entertainer and I respect the hell out of you for it!  Just some Boston on Boston fighting going on here and I am all for it!  Stay tuned for more as we wait for Dave Portnoy to accept or decline the fight of the century!  There will be blood!



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